Kickoff written by Mara

That may have been for a reason

A girl born in ancient Tibet

If there is anywhere in the world
where everything seems possible,
it is, beyond doubt, Tibet.

Tibet was closed for people far too long for them to create any expectations and it makes Tibet free. It allows the magic there to exist in original, untouched way, untroubled with limits of being embodied. Have you noticed how calm it is at nights, people sleeping, their thoughts and dreams covered with blankets, boiling in funny closed containers called heads? Same for Tibet. People think so rarely about it… Have you ever?

How much do you know? Let me try – an extremely cold country with otherwise cool summers where people have to fight for survival, rely on yaks for almost everything, fantastic views, rich legendary past and crazy monks living in the caves all year round - so far from your everyday life that it slips through your filters. Correct me if I am wrong.

That may have been for a reason…

Tibet I know… I wonder if anyone else remembers it. I did not have memories of it either.
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When I was a child I had the most ordinary life, questioning why I am here at all, trying to find at least something that could give me piece but bumping into neuroses mostly. I was not wise or anything, making every single mistake twice, just to be sure, pulling on life because I was expected to…

I do not remember exactly when I heard the word Tibet first. Ti-bet. It sounded like a cure to me. Now I realize that I remembered more than I had thought. When I was 16, I took a pen one evening and wrote chapter one of a story that came to me in a flow, I just wrote it down without thinking. Then came chapter two, epilogue and then... there was a gap for twenty years. But I knew exactly it would come back and I also knew that epilogue was going to be true. Pictures, places, people, names, someone’s memories kept coming to me randomly and unexpectedly even after that. I could not always tell the difference which world they belonged. Now my vision of the past is much clearer. Now, I see I was
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guided, things that seemed random then, were not random at all. The more I remembered, the calmer I became. I finally had this place inside me that felt like home. I could escape there when needed.

My life went by, stormy but bright and challenging. Many, many years after the first memories I knew a lot and the more I knew the less I understood how a world like that could vanish without a trace. What could have happened that any traces of it were wiped so exhaustively. Hardly any legend or myth echo what was happening then. Now I don’t need to search for myths.

I can correct and complete them since I know better.

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