Kickoff written by Inane

The cursed prince


As a brisk winter chill forced a shiver down my spine, frost grows from the corners of the glass. Snow falls like petals in an autumn breeze. I quickly shake away the cold to point out a glowing dot of light amidst the frost filled blizzard. With a smile, I point, " Father look, isn't it beautiful?".
Though I expected my father to hold his signature smile, he fell further into his lone couch. As he interlocked his fingers, a shadow loomed over his body. Seeing his worried demeanor, forced me to look back at the ever-growing dot of light. As my vision focused, I noticed a hoard of people marching in unison.
Again, I pestered my father, " father, who are those people?". At the mere mention of the word people, his worry quickly turned to panic. He hastily jumped from his seat. With eyes filled with concern, he kneeled down to my eye level, " Set, please, follow me".
Seeing such panic in my father's eyes snuffed out all desire for opposition.
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Hastily, he grabbed the candle from the wooden stool and moved through the hallowed halls. On all sides, cobblestone filled the wall. The passage he led me through was a tight fit, but I didn't have the desire to question my father. Though my fears grew by the second, I trusted my father.
Finally, we reached the end of the hallway, but it led to an empty bookshelf. I began to ask, " Fath-" before I could finish, he pushed the bookshelf to the side, revealing a passageway filled with cobwebs, dust, and all manner of shadowy figures devoured by the dark.
As my heart finally had enough, I yelled, " Father, please tell me what is going on!". He kneeled down to my level, but the shadow over his eyes ruined the sentiment. " Son-". His voice broke as he pulled me into a hug and let tears fall from his eyes, his voice quivered, " I wish I could have spent more time with you". For a minute, he cried on my shoulders. I stood petrified by fear, but when he finally finished, he stood upright.
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" Theodore is waiting at the end of the tunnel, no matter what people say, do good".
He shoved me into the hidden tunnel and quickly covered the entrance with the bookcase. As I stood petrified by fear, I stumbled through the cobwebs. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but when they did, I noticed broken picture frames hanging from the wall, torn papers on the floor, and a rat scurry past my feet.
I must have walked for a mile, but I still don't know when I'll break free from this tunnel. Suddenly, even at this distance, I heard the chapel collapse from the echo in the corridor. My heart sank and my legs went limp. I knew. I'd never see my father again.
For a brief moment, I fell to my knees and cried. I couldn't keep sitting in the dark. I remembered the feeling of his embrace and stood up. Again, I walked through the passageway, but the darkness quickly devoured all my adjusted sense. Perhaps it was due to my grief, but everything went darker. I felt
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an insatiable pressure magnetizing my feet to the ground.
Finally, after an hour or so of shuffling myself through cobwebs, I saw a strand of moonlight peer into the darkness. Excitement filled my still shaking heart. With a final burst of strength, I ran into the light.
As the moonlight hit my skin, an indescribable catharsis replaced my fear. Finally being in any light made me praise God for creating so beautiful. It's odd to think, we take so much for granted. It's only in its absence when its beauty can truly be appreciated. That said, as I fell to my knees and embraced the light, a voice spoke from the bars above.
"Set, is that you?". At first, when I heard his jagged voice, I felt afraid, but then I recognized his voice. " Uncle Carthage, is that you?". His hands appeared over the bars and he quickly yanked them from their position. He reached his hand out and waited for me to grab his hand.
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