Kickoff written by Inane

Celebrity crush

Friends tease a friend with a crush

As I exhaled the laughter from my lungs, I look at you. We share a glance for what feels like a lifetime. I feel blood rush to my cheeks and I see yours do the same. While the world goes on, I can't help but feel stuck in your eyes. Everyone else's laughter fades to the background. The only thing I can see is you. It isn't until someone shakes me back into reality that I remember where I was.
In my half-dazed state, I laughed, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?". " I said, are you okay? You've been watching your phone for a real long time. To distract from my embarrassment, I laugh loudly, "of course, I was watching a great show". My friend, Ludwig, rolls his eyes, "whatever dude". He knows full well what I was doing. As I looked amongst my group of friends, I saw their eyes roll in unison.
Frantically, I scream quietly, " what? Why are you all rolling your eyes?". The person opposite me, Jenna, she answers: "we all know you're totally
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crushing on that actress". Without realizing it, I pout, " no I'm not! I'm not crushing on Lola!". A moment of silence passes through the crowd while they sigh at my idiocy. Ludwig clears his throat, "Dude, we never said a name...".
They all offer me a look of pity as I bury my head into my arms. Tiffany laughs to the group, " awe, come on, leave him alone. It's cute, he's having his first crush". Their laughter clumps together while I feel my ears burn.
When they finally stop laughing, Jenna sighs, "so we're getting a new kid in school. The principal called me to the office and made me become the guide. He won't let me know anything about who she is, but he wants me to treat her like a VIP. It's so annoying!". While she vented her frustration, Ludwig jokes, " maybe it's gonna be Steves celebrity crush". They all look at me with sadistic eyes.
"Don't even joke about that". Tiffany's eyes are replaced by the fiery pits of hell. When she
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got like that, everyone knew to change the topic. I saw sweat brewing on Jenna's forehead while she hastily tried to change the topic. " so that quiz next period...". An awkward laugh swept through our group. Ludwig joined in on the distraction. "Yeah, I'm so not ready for it...".
Instead of listening to their inane ramblings, I put my head down and shut my eyes. I wonder if she might actually transfer to my school. How would I feel about it? That's not something I need to worry about, best not worry about the unnecessary.
When the bell woke me from my nap, the first thing I saw was Tiffany hide her eyes and offer a forced smile. When I got a better scope of the situation, I saw Ludwig on edge and Jenna standing next to a face I could never forget. Her scarlet hair curls around her ears revealing dark brown eyes and glossy lips. She held her signature smile on her face. Everyone hid a sadistic smile while watching my reaction. Jenna, also
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watching me, laughed, " this is Lola, she's new here... Oh and she's famous...".
After Lola whispered something into Jenna's ear while pointing at me, Jenna explained: "he's fine, he's just a... fan". Lola flashed me a smile then they walked to class.
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