Kickoff written by hamza

The vision

The mystery of a young lady


Hamza had his first dream when he was 5-year-old. He was so afraid and depressed that he had to be taken for some counselling. But the dreams never stopped, and he made a pact with the dreams. He started to realize that these are not some normal dreams. He could see what others could never see. He had the vision. His counsellor dismissed it as bad nightmares. He was on medication for a long time but still, the dreams kept on coming till he was 12 when he understood what those dreams were. One evening he was coming back from his friend's place when he saw some police cars in front of a house. He stopped over to see what had happened. He saw the police taking a middle-aged man in handcuffs. "What is happening?" He asked a bystander. "I don't know much but heard that the police are taking him for questioning for his involvement in the murder of his sister whom he had reported missing some days ago." He was startled on hearing it. He used to see this man every day going to work like
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nothing had happened and today he came to know he had murdered his sister in cold blood. The brother hung his head low and was taken into the police vehicle. The police marked the entire area as a crime scene. Hamza stood there for some time and started to think about the lady. She never came outside. They never attended any occasions, they both never used to go to any place together. Everywhere the man only used to go including doing all the outside household chores. Once while Hamza was coming back, he saw her standing outside on the balcony. All of a sudden, her brother came and shouted at her to go inside. Hamza's thought was interrupted abruptly when something flashed in his mind. He looked at the house, tried remembering the face of the woman and suddenly he realized that he had seen her in his dreams. It was no nightmare.
He ran back to his home and started recollecting his dream. He thought about the area he saw and started scribing down notes. After some hours, he had a rough
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sketch of his dream. He called his friend Salman and told him everything. Salman decided to help Hamza. So, together they made a document and posted it to the police station where the case was being investigated indicating the location of the dead body. A few days later, the police found her dead body from the bottom of the lake. It was an age-old lake, and no one visited the area as it was densely surrounded by forests and wild animals. The husband was a brave soul or a psycho who dragged his Sister's body to this lake. Now the police found her body and they could link him to the murder and have him punished for it with life imprisonment with no chance of parole. This was the beginning of Hamza's adventure. After that Salman and Hamza were able to identify many such cases and would inform the police but would always prefer to stay anonymous.
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15 years have passed and Hamza still has those visions. But these visions seemed to be persistent. This was different. He felt as if it was like a dream inside a dream. I should stop watching Hollywood movies. Hamza used to work as a senior hardware service manager for a multinational company. He preferred spending time with machines rather than with people. He had no friends in the office and people in the office thought of him as the strange guy. People were apprehensive about going to him for any hardware support but as he was the best in his job, people reluctantly used to go to him. Hamza started for his office but his mind was clouded by last night's dream. I have to talk to Vipul. With this, he messaged him, "Meet me at our place at 8 pm tonight. I have a new one." He received a message, "Ok, see you in the evening." Thinking about it, he punched his card and moved towards his cubicle and got busy with his daily work.
The Juice corner was overcrowded. Hamza and Salman were sitting in the corner of the juice corner. Drinks were kept on the table and they sat quietly.
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