Kickoff written by crimewirter247

Danger, is near

Murder Mystery with Conner and Gavin

In a small neighborhood just outside of Memphis, Tennessee two teenagers were walking home from the Basketball Court. Conner and Gavin had been playing all day now that school was out for Spring Break. Just as the two boys parts was gun shots ring out in the night air. Conner hits the ground immediately, he has no idea where the shots came from. He lays there and waits to see if there will be more shots or if he can get up. All of a sudden his phone vibrates, it's a text from Gavin, " Bro, did you hear that?!? the text read. Conner replied back, "Yea man but where did it come from? Where are you? Meet me in front of the old Johnson house." Conner pulls himself together and gets up, he still doesn't see anybody around. He walks over the sidewalk and takes a back ally way to the old Johnson house. "Conner, Conner don't go it's a trap!!", he hears Gavin yelling. He stops looks around but Gavin is no where to be seen. All of a sudden one of the neighbors walks out their back door to see
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Conner running down the ally. "Hey, what's going on?" the man ask. "Call 911", Conner yells while running away. Not knowing that this man is the one that pulled the trigger and Conner had showed him right where he was going. The man calls his partner on the walkie-talkie, "Hey you got one running straight to you, he just ran by me and had no idea who I was,". But the other end of the walkie-talkie was silent. The man grabbed his bag from the house and pulled his mask down and left the house. Conner was running and didn't know what to do all he could think is that Gavin was in trouble and he had to help. He reached the meeting point but there was no Gavin. He started to walk the way to Gavin's house just in case he was still on his way but he just wasn't there yet.
No sign of Gavin anywhere, he text him and got no answer, he called him and still no answer, "Where are you Gavin? What happened?" he thought. He walked up to Gavin's house and knocked on the door, no answer, he sent Gavin's
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mom a message on FaceBook asking her to call him. He didn't know what to do, the lights were off, the doors was locked it was like nobody was home. Conner sat down on the steps and decided he had to call his mom to tell her what happened. She told him to come home, Gavin was at his house. He quickly jumped up and ran home. Once he got to his driveway something felt off, he stopped and looked around. The lights was off, the car was out of the garage but running, no one was to be seen. By now the time is around 10:35 p.m. it's dark except for the street lights on. He walks up to the car slowly but no one is in it. "Enough is enough, where is the police what is going on?!" he said outloud to himself. "Conner, is that you?" he heard a man say. Conner quickly turned around, "Who's there?" he looked around but couldn't see anyone. Conner quickly called 911 and told them he had heard shots then his friend went missing, so he called his mom and she said he was there but when he got home the lights
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was off and nobody out except for a mysterious man who he could hear but not see. The dispatcher told him the police would be by soon but to stay on the line. Conner ran up to the apartment that was above the garage and hid until the cops came. This night was so strange and he was so scared all he wanted was to know that his friend was okay and that his mom was okay. The cop walked up to the garage and called for him, "I have some bad news son, you friend Gavin has been found and he was shot, his mom was also found shot. They didn't make it son, I'm sorry." The cop explained. Conner ask, "Will you go in my house and check on my family? I just talked to my mom but when I got here something seemed off." He explained." The cop dropped his head and said, "I'm really sorry son, is there someone I can call for you?" Conner jumped up in disbelief but the cop wouldn't let him go into the house, there was caution tape all over his front yard...To Be Continued
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