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Hope (Poem)

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I feel trapped in my own self
I feel lost in my own brain
I feel as if I am dusting on a shelf
I feel cold, as if I am locked out in the pouring rain
Why can’t I find a little HOPE to lift me up?
I feel as if I might have to jump
Why do I feel so fragile and broken?
Why can’t my heart just reopen?
Why do I block myself out?
I feel like I can’t live without
Crying a little each day
I’m too weak to pull myself up and pray
In the name of God why am I drowning myself in my own negativity?
Why do I fill my heart up with hostility, why can’t I find a sense of responsibility, capability or even productivity?
Why can’t HOPE give me wings to fly away?
Why do I keep my thoughts and emotions at bay?
Can’t God hear me crying out in pain, can’t he help me contain
The suicidal thoughts in my brain?
I’m just begging on my knees for a little light, a little HOPE
God, I’m just asking for a sane and healthy way to cope
I’m tired of crawling and crying and living
I HOPE my family will
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be forgiving
I HOPE God will forgive my sinning
I HOPE I find a way to love myself
I HOPE I find a way to live with my own brain, my own body, my own gender, my own sexuality, and my own messed up mentality
I pray to God to pull me back to reality
Give me a feeling of spirituality
I pray he takes away my self hate and my feeling of abnormality
I HOPE he helps me rid myself of irrationality
I Hope I pray he fills me up and takes away my pain
I’m tired of being locked out in the pouring rain
I HOPE he keeps me sane
I HOPE I live past my current age
I HOPE I make the world my stage
I HOPE to turn a new page
I HOPE to escape my mental cage
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