Kickoff written by Alyza James

My lovers crazy:and other things.

Lizzie’s crazy life, just got crazier. Pilot chap.

I’m Elizabeth (Lizzie), and on the surface I’m an average 8th grade school girl, but really that couldn’t be farther than true. I guess you could say I’m surrounded by crazy people and my boyfriend ,David, is no exception. “Lizzie.” A sturdy palm connects with my back. “Ah!” I gasp as my back tenses up. “Heh, you got me.” I sighed relieved that it was only David. “You know it!” He exclaimed flirtatiously. “I-I don’t even know what to do with you…” I muster too far gone to even expect anything less from him. “Have you seen my search history?” He got me, using such a powerful move against me? How can I fight back?
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More people fill the hall as I start my walk to the cafeteria, among my fellow students. “Dude!” My friend Theo calls. I turn my head from David to Theo in one swift movement. “Hey dude, long time no see!” That’s a lie, he was in my last period class. “Haha, funny one.” No it really wasn’t but ok. “Oh awww! Sorry I didn’t realize!” Realize what? “Realize what?” Shoot I said that out loud! “That you’re busy!” Oh he’s referring to David. “Eh. I’m not that busy.” I knew this would be a blow to David, sure enough. “Ouch. That hurt Lizzie!” Heh. “Oops, I forgot you were there!” Double blow!
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