Kickoff written by NyxRose2015


Foggy lake with a surprise

A hand shot out of the water, frantically splashing water on the dock. It was pale with gray tint to it, slowly the rest of the body came out of the water; crawling on the dock coughing and sputtering. Wheezing and coughing up water the young lady pulled herself onto the dock and laid there for a while; the air was cold and seemed to get colder. The young woman looked to be in her mid twenties; pale silvery grey skin with a hint of tan, dressed in what looks like a fine gown of deep copper/brass ruined by the water and high heel shoes about two inches high of silver design. Blonde hair almost colorless was draped around her like a shawl, contrasting the dark color of her dress, eyes are startling gray with hints of green flecks.
Quiet again, the water going to a glassy calm and the fog still thick as ever. The young woman catching her breath, got up a little unsteadily and looked out to the fog and smiled. Looking into the water, she saw a clutch bag rise to the surface; reaching down she
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grabs it and opens it pulling out a compact and a small thin case. It is medium size palette eye-shadow in condition that water had just started to reach the outside colors. The dark blue and steely gray was not water damaged; using those she had fixed her makeup with her fingers. The metallic “snap” of the compact was the only sound heard as she washed her hands of the blue and gray colors. Standing tall, she turned her back to the water and walked toward land and the log cabin on the hill. Reaching the cabin, she turned and looked once last time at the lake; she stood there then smiled and walked inside. The lake looked like it was made of glass, untouched even though a young woman pulled herself out of the lake just minutes before.
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