Kickoff written by Lillian1998@

The Tale Of The Body Snatcher

16yr when I stole someones life for the first time

I pushed my way through the faceless crowd, those who surrounded me became a blur.
I do not remember where I was going, or how I ended up here all I remember is dying and waking up in someone else’s body.

I took a quick intake of air into my heaving lungs. I could smell my own fear, the sour scent of sweat and the smell of perfume.

I felt like a wet dog with my hair so damp it stuck to the nape of my neck.

I squared my shoulders and tried on a smile. But I am sure my face took on a sickly shade of green. And my smile was more of a grimace. My gut twisted itself into knots

A figure stood in the shadows.
I pretended not to see it.

I quickened my pace but I did not run in fear of drawing it closer. I kept my gaze straight ahead. And did not let my steps falter.

My sandals slapped against the pavement.
Was the only sound that I could hear.

All was quiet in the streets.
Ahead of me, a lamp post flickered off and on.

When I thought I was safe again that is when it happened.
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Rounding the corner I heard the sound of flesh being torn from a bone before I saw the beast. A three-headed monster that resembled that of a huge dog. each head fighting over one piece of meat that was thrown onto the ground.

She stood stock-still the beast’s inky hair standing to attention at the slightest of sound. It had giant paws that ended in long claws that clacked against the pavement.

It came barreling forward from the darkness.
The Beast raged puncturing the air with its spite.

”Poor child”

a woman’s voice whispered nearby.
Her words dragged against her lips in a growl.

”So alone so frightened”

”Go away”

”No, I can’t not when your fear is so inviting.
Let me help you. I can make it all go away.”

Ethel ran away, pushing past the woman. Adrenalin pushing her forward. Her lungs thundered against her rib cage. Choked Up by the strangled feeling in her chest.

She raced into the street.
Headlights shining and horn blaring.

”you crazy!”

a man yells
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coming to a halt in front of her.
Ethel ignored the man and kept going and going. A slow burned worked its way from her stomach and rolled down to her legs.

She dry heaved. And when her legs couldn’t hold her up any longer.

She skidded to a stop in the mouth of an alley.
Trying to pull air into her almost bursting lungs. She slumped to the ground.

Pulling her knees forwards resting her head there
Dirt stained the white fabric of her shorts and the uneven asphalt bit into her knees she stared wide-eyed at the beast. unshed tears glistened in her eyes.

Illuminated eyes blinked at her one, two then three sets. Lips curled up in a snarl. Showing Fangs the size of her fingers. The trembling in Ethel’s gut shuddered through the rest of her.

She screamed It lunged. teeth snapped inches from her face. Drool that smelled like rotten meat splashed onto Ethel’s chest and cheek. Scrambling backward. The brick wall caught on her clothes and scraped her back. She wanted to scream,
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call out for help but her words came out a strangled wail.

A single paw pinned me against the wall of the alley.
The woman held up a vibrant Bluestone.

A flash of light. And the alley became an infinite blur of motion and color.

Then nothingness.
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    Aditi inspired :

    I just wanted to say that the story line has been changed from first person to third person mistakenly. Rest is fine.. could add up more descriptions



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