Kickoff written by PotatoWayter


Don't trust your phones.

There was a ring on my phone.

I picked it up immediately without looking at the caller id.
"Hello?" I said while I continued typing on the laptop and putting the phone in loudspeaker. "Blaire? It's already late. Aren't you coming home, still?" Melody's voice emerge from my phone. She is my roommate slash best friend. "I still need to finish this report for tomorrow's meeting. I'll be home in about-" I checked my time, "Twenty minutes."
"Oh you better hurry because g- part-." Her line was suddenly cracking up. "Melody, I can't clearly hear you. I'll call you when I'm going home." I ended the call.
Being the assistant editor at a magazine corporation is tough and I'm working on this project that I need to present tomorrow on the board's meeting.

"You ain't tired yet, donuts?" Beth, my co-worker asked. She just gave people random nicknames. I stood up and stretch. "Oh boy, yes I am! I'm going home. You coming?" I asked Beth as I fix all my things and gathered it on my bag. "You hurry home
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now. You're roommates' crying out to you. I'm still working on my report for the royal palace." We both laughed and I got out the building. I called Melody again but her phone is out of coverage. Which was weird.

When I got to my apartment, I quickly opened the door with my key. I entered the room and was consumed by darkness. "Melody? I'm back! Why's the light out?" I called out for my roommate. I feel for the light switch and was surprised to see the place was very messy. "Hey Melody, told you that you should fix this mess." I put down my tote bag in the floor and kicked off my sandals. I started to pick the food wrappers on the floor.
"Maybe Melody is in her room." I talked to myself.
In the corner of the living room, I saw something peculiar, I got nearer and saw a doll, sitting and was putting in a big and pretty smile. It has a brunette hair with a cute frolic dress. It was a size of a living baby. I grabbed it and inspected it.
"I never saw you before little doll." I talked to her
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as if it was real. I just shrugged and put her on the coach. I knocked at Melody's room. "Melody? Are you in there?" I suddenly feel like being watched from behind and I couldn't help but have this eerie feeling. I looked behind me slowly. The doll that I put on the coach was staring at me. "How did you get down there?" I mumbled, I just ignored it, I was too tired and maybe I just forgot that I put that doll in there. I then opened Melody's room. When I opened it, I saw Melody sitting in her bed, smiling at me. "Melody! What the heck! You startled me!" I said. My heart was already beating loudly. "I'm glad you're back." She said in a quiet voice. She was still smiling. "Are you okay?" I asked, she was creeping me out. "Oh, I just waited for you to come back, Blaire." She then become serious. "Hey, Melody, stop playing around! Let's go out and eat something-" I didn't continued what I was about to say when the lights went out. "What the heck is wrong with this?" I ran out of Melody's room
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and went to the kitchen to grab a torch and turned it on,when my phone vibrated in my jeans. I opened it and I saw Melody's text: 'Blaire, the connection went cuckoo. I was about to tell you that I'm attending a party right now. Maybe I'll be back later.'
If Melody's not here, then who was the girl that was in Melody's room. My hands started to shake and I dropped my phone. The torch's light landed on the living room coach, there I saw Melody holding the doll and smiled at me.

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