Kickoff written by Frank the fox

a normal day

just a typical day in the smash house

the co workers for smash ultra were getting ready for the day, who were: frank the fox, a black fox who wore a blue hoodie, grey pants, and had blue spots on his head and had the tip of his tail blue, flowey, who was reborn as the firsy two souled monster (don't worry the human soul shaped like a flower was artificial and his monster soul grew back so he could feel emotions) who look just like omega flowey except he had legs and a tail, and shadow riolu who was the guy no one liked. he was a dark blue cat who had a yellow collor with a pokeball on it and a g virus eye, frank got up and decided to get his friend flowey, "morning flowey" frank said.
"morning frank" flowey replied. "i was gonna go down stair and watch tv, wanna come with?" frank asked. "eh why not" flowey said as he got up. "they sat down ready to watch their show, when they suddenly heard two voices saying "unga bunga unga bunga unga bunga" "what the heck is that noise?" flowey asked in confusion. it turned out it was
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shadow riolu and peter griffin holding matresses as they once again said "unga bunga unga bunga unga bunga" "peter? shadow riolu? what are you two doing?" frank asked. "were playing unga bunga" peter replied. "whats unga bunga?" flowey said even more confused. "basicly 2 people run at each other with matresses and... yeah thats basicly it" peter explained. "stop explaining it to the idiots and lets do this" they proceeded to run at each other bumping around everything. "geez this is worse then the time star butterfly and kebako decided to hang out together" frank said. "even worse than the time mae boroski decided to hang out with panty and stocking?" flowey replied. "shut up" frank said. "shadow riolu, look! its your mom! she's alive and she's naked!" peter lied "naked? where" s.riolu said with a grin as peter hit him with a matress and said "you creep" s.riolu hit the tv that the duo were trying to watch "dangit, its gonna take so long to replace that tv" frank yelled. suddenly
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the phantom of reality twomanyraptors floated in and said "what is that noise i can hear it from my roo- oof!" peter had ran up to him and yelled "unga bunga" "ugh" frank said. "flowey call the maid bots to clean up this mess" frank proceeded to walk up to the yellow phantom and sat down "this is gonna be a long day isn't it?

out side the mansion, on final destination
jenny wakeman, the masked kid from under hero, niko from oneshot, sash lilac, sans the skeleton, bob the garo, snatcher the soul stealing phantom, nights the nightmaronn, kayna the fire element singing monster, and the villonous crow were having a 10 player smash when suddenly something came flying throw the clouds
jenny: do you see what i see or is there a bug in my system?
masked kid: its definetly not just you
niko: i'm scared
lilac: what ever it is, it doesn't look friendly
sans: i've got the feeling this is gonna be a subspace emisarry thing
bob: hEy YoU dOnT BrEaK ThE FoRtH WaLl
snatcher: i'll take its soul
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nights: i dont think thats gonna work snatcher
kayna: you think we can take it?
crow: normally i wouldnt fight for justice, but since i enjoy kicking your butts so much, this punks going down

to be continued
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