Kickoff written by AdaaSayed

Thread work (part1)

A lost teen , with a lost family .

Thread work.
By Adaa Sayed.

Chapter 1: Thoughts
I was thinking .It was my English period. I don’t exactly know what seemed more exciting Shakespeare or that boy sitting near the window pane .
He didn’t look beautiful. He looked like one of those mornings when you wake up , just by mistake , not tired at all , clueless of the time to witness the dawn’s shimmery gold , intoxicated in fruitful essence. Mesmerizing. His face.
So capturing that even Shakespeare I believe had lesser talent.
Me and Ash were friends, since kindergarten. Friends who wanted to be around each other, talk to each other , but kept away . Fearing. Who knows what.
Distance just made it better .
Ash was born just 4 days after I was . October 14. He got those autumn-ish looks because of that.
I lived right across our school . In front of the shop where Rose , squashed blue berries to make jam . Rose was the only human , I actually talked to , after me , that is , when I looked in the mirror , or when
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I felt alone , that was all the time .
Nobody knew anything about , un Rose like me. The whole world seemed to know me the wrong way around.
Rose was pleasant , just except those fits she got at night . Not her fault . She was a victim of sexual assault at 15 . She was only 24 now . Her family left her . They said she was dirty and unworthy .
All this my mom told me before mom passed away in a car accident .
Her name was Grace . It suited her perfectly . She was very pretty , pink cheeks and shining yet revealing eyes .
God called her when she was very young . She took with her two of my elder brothers. August and Aaron . They were twins , both 17 . Mom named me , Dakota . She said it was the name of the best woman athlete, in her time . Since then, I have this obsession of athletics.
My dad , supposedly ran away after the accident . Supposedly. Because everybody tells me that .
I was ten when it all happened . Waiting eagerly for Mom and Dad , to get that puppy they promised me
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, and to take me away from , Cheryl’s home , what now is my eternal jail .
Cheryl hated Mom and Dad , I hated her . She kept criticizing them . Cheryl once told me that , it was my mom who was driving the car not my dad , she told me that , mom only married dad to get all the money , and that she was responsible for whatever dad had to face . In her view dad had died , and it was mom who had run away . I don’t believe a word , but I don’t know what’s true either .
The next day Miss was discussing about Macbeth , how in that story , guilt poured out of people’s mouths at night . At the most unpredictable time .
I was always quite lost , wondering about the why’s and how’s of the world . Lost is really good . You manage to escape realities that aren’t yours , and you have a chance to build your own . But the story of Macbeth seemed interesting . I made notes .
I looked at Ash , who was looking at the window pane , rather absurdly . He was into his own world too , careless of what
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circulated inside . Ash was different , he saw the world with a different perspective , in debates he’d always get caught up in facts and opinions . I liked him . Because he was him and no one else .
Sometimes facts seem rather hard to digest . Facing something wasn’t always bravery . Like people say face the truth . There is both good and bad that balances the world . So many times ,we have to face lies . I couldn’t believe , about Mom , Dad , Auggie and Aaron , but I have to , what is true is true .
Maybe Rose couldn’t believe about what happened to her and how her family left her .
Facts felt so scary . Fact – Dakota, your Mom is DEAD . I hear my head say that sometimes .
School got over , I reached home , I sat .
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