Kickoff written by Pure9283

Pride, Honour and Show-off

Favour and against of title

As we all know that, in today society these are the prime and main factors to maintain the pride, honour and show-off. People name it status and all.The society perhaps respect the people with high honour. Some people show-off their status and however some don't. well, the main point I want to attract the attention of all readers towards like love-marriage.
Yes, Love-marriage! As among readers parents and childrens are there so it will definitely be helpful for both type of people.
Well, basically nobody either girl or boy don't want to leave their family and run for a marriage only.
But as soon as family get to know about that their childrens likes some other person, they basically make their thought about their own childrens that they have done all the things like kiss,hug and sex, and they will definitely run from the house against their (parents)wishes.Childrens never want to leave their family, couples just like each other doesn't mean they are desperate and characterless. And if they
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are not disclosing to their parents ,it doesn't mean that they won,t tell. May be they were expecting some other time like their independency and secured job for future. And childrens as there is nothing wrong to have in relationship until it is only for to use each other. Make the true relationship and test your relationship time to time as some other is not just playing with your feelings.
Now come to parents, as a parent you are always have your points and they may be right but nothing is definite so it could be wrong too. As your childrens wants that their parents understand their feelings,no matter of what the income, what the status just clear that how is the person your child have choosed.Just see the person atticates, behaviour not money and status.
Both should believe and undestand. Don't think about the society,childrens and family comes first. Society is from us, make the change and be the change.
Parents you taught your child then why their outcomes are unacceptable for you?Childrens
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you should also not break the trust of your family.Never run for a marriage by leaving your family. Try to make them conveince and make them realize that you love your family too that your not leaving your family for a marriage. But yes it doesn't mean that you should also go against your own choice. If you believe that you are right then live your life as before with happiness and keep trying. Definitely happiness will come to you, but please don't leave your family.
Parents should also be clear that your children are yours, by liking some other one it doesn't mean they don't love you.
so, its all bout the writing for the name of Pride, Honour and show-off.
Please step out for make the society change,we can do and achieve anything with positive thinking.
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