Kickoff written by Gracelyn314

Power Within, Pain Without

Chapter One: I Am Death.

It was a strange day. The ground shook occasionally. The sky would erupt into lighting for a good 10 minuets, and then settle again. Up to 37 people would vanish from around the world. And no one would care. This was the way of the Guardians.

You never knew when you would be chosen. When you were, you had a choice. Go quietly, and watch your old life from afar as everyone forgot you existed, or struggle, and see your loved ones die. Most people went quietly. I sure did. I never thought I would be chosen. I didn't feel noble or heroic like the other Guardians always seemed to be.
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No I felt like if I were Chosen I would be The Guardian of fear. God I am glad I am not. I suppose I should introduce myself to you mortals.
My name is Omisha. Yes, I am The Omisha. Guardian of Death. The one with the "cool dragon and the real skull in her hair, and the huge sharp metal wings."
Most people think it would be amazing to be a guardian. Let me tell you. When you are seeing your loved ones, your family, your bestfriend, your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. When you see them, perfectly okay without you. It hurts. You know its not their fault but still. It. Hurts.
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Its unfair how people see me. Like all I am is a scary murderous killer. I am a GUARDIAN! I make sure death doesn't kill to many people. You should thank me.

Anyway. Today I was initiated. There was no blood ritual. Just a promise. You see, there are three almighty beings that watch over us all. Time, Energy, and Karma. If you were to break your promise, to act as your guardian, whether you feel bad or not,(Poor Persephone. I would hate to be Evil Doing's Guardian_) Karma will get you. Oh and Karma is a bitch. A literal Bitch. I think she's A golden retriever...
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Anyways. Of track. All you have to do is say "I do"
I never thought I would say that at the age of 15.

Whatever. I've got to go. Duties await.

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