Kickoff written by ThatGirlInCrimson


A person finds tapes when moving out of a house.

(Yesterday, I found a tape recording while hauling boxes out of my attic. I’m about to move, but I listened to these tapes, and the story they tell is chilling. I don’t know who is telling this story, but I know that because I found these tapes, they are my responsibility, and I want to tell you it. Later, when I finished listening to these tapes, I looked up her name, and the story I found was terrifying. I hope that I can solve the unfinished crime by sharing these. You might ask, why didn’t you tell the police this? I can answer that. They wouldn’t be of any help and would think I was making it up. But you’ll know I’m not. At least, I can hope this.)

Tape 1:
So, this is my first tape. I know you don’t know a lot about me, but I’ve got to get the story out. I’ve got to know, to tell myself I’m not crazy. You might think I’m crazy. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But it might help to know that someone else knows - hears - this insane story. Just so you get a better image of me,
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I’ll tell you a little about myself. My name is Catori. I’m not going to tell you my last name though. Better to leave you out of it as much as I can. I am currently a college student, working a part time job of a shelver at a bookstore. Hopefully no one will hear me. They’d think I was insane, recording this tape in a dark closet. It started slowly. The first time, I just dismissed it. But it built up. Over and over again. Before I get super weird and deep, I should probably tell you about it. The first time, it wasn’t that strange. Okay, so I got up pretty early in the morning. It was a Monday, and exams were soon. I’d gotten up early so I could study last minute before a test, because me being a procrastinator, I hadn’t studied at all, even though we’d had so long to, almost a month. I’d grabbed my books, and gone to the exam building, but they just told me that I wasn’t allowed in yet.
“Because of cheaters trying to hide answers under the desks,” was their only explanation. I guess
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that was a fair answer, but now, with all this madness going on, I laugh at the idea that my only worry was exams.
So, because I was turned away, I just sat down on one of the benches. You know, those ones, that have the “Because someone donated” signs on it. I remember being kind of out of it, because of this strange dream I’d had the night before. I couldn’t remember much from it because I’d forgotten so much of it as it faded from my mind, as all dreams do. But I did remember a name from it. Allison. It probably wasn’t much though, so I’d dismissed it at the time. After all, right then I was supposed to be focusing. Time skip a few hours, and I went back to the exam building after cramming my mind with as much knowledge as I could remember. There were a few people there, but not that many. Exams were loathed. After a few more minutes, the bells started ringing, and most of my class started trickling in. After that, the teacher came in, and the strange thing was, I felt like I had this
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weird feeling. This Deja Vu. I felt like I’d seen him before. I mean, obviously, I had, he was one of my teachers. But it was stranger. I felt like I’d seen him earlier than on Friday.
“Maybe I just passed him when I went out yesterday for lunch.” I just told myself. After all, we both lived in the same vicinity. He probably went out too, just like me. Because of my inner monologue, I’d missed the main explanation of how exams were going to work. Or at least, I thought I did. By the time I looked up, I saw a girl walk in. She had long brown hair, that looked like she had taken a lot of time on, and almond-shaped green eyes. Who was this?
“Because we have a new student today, we are canceling exams, and doing them next month, so she has time to study.” Yes! This was the only thing I could think. I didn’t pay attention when he announced her name, I only knew her as “The Exam Canceller”. After the class ended, she walked up to me and tapped me on my shoulder.
“Hey, uh, you’re Cato
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