Kickoff written by missastenkathleen

The Fan

The Fan

The sudden noise coming from Amber Williams’ laptop made her jump. It was the sound that signaled to her that one of her friends was trying to reach her on Facebook.
Amber ignored the sound, and tried to concentrate on the YouTube video she was watching in the other tab. Not that it was all that hard. This was, after all, a Jonas James video. Ever since she’d found his channel a year ago, she’d been obsessed with him. And every Friday after school, like clockwork, she would tune in to see his latest video.
Now Amber was getting a little annoyed.
Ping! Ping!
OK, make that very annoyed. With a deep sigh, Amber navigated to the Facebook tab she had open. She saw that one of her best friend, Brooke Jackson, had sent her a message.
Did you get the math homework?
Amber rolled her dark brown eyes. She tied back her long brown hair into a ponytail using her favourite purple scrunchie, which had been lying on the bed next to her laptop. Being the ‘smart one’ in her group of friends
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was both a blessing and a curse for Amber.
You know that homework’s not meant to be in until Monday, right? Amber typed.
You don’t say, replied Brooke, but where else am I supposed to get it from now?
Amber sighed once more. Reluctantly, she uploaded her copy of the math homework to her chat with Brooke. Then she closed her Facebook tab. No more distractions, she thought. Time to concentrate.
Amber had told no-one, except her best friends, of her crippling obsession with Jonas James. It all started on night the year before. Just a normal night after school. Amber was surfing the Internet as usual. One of her favourite websites to visit had always been YouTube. And on this particular night, Jonas’ latest video showed up on her Recommended Videos section. Jonas’ channel would mostly be categorized in the genre of comedy, but he also uploaded vlogs and music videos from time to time. Amber swooned. She loved to hear Jonas sing.
After watching that first video, Amber had binge-watched everything
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on Jonas’ channel. She was well and truly hooked. She’d never felt this way about anyone before. What was it about him that had such a profound effect on her? Maybe it was his messy strawberry-blond hair, or his gorgeous brown eyes. But she was pretty certain, above all else, it was his adorable British accent.
Of course, the fact that he had a British accent also meant that he was British. Which was extremely attractive, for sure, but it also meant he was half a world away from Amber. The thought was depressing, to say the least
Amber heard her mother, Angela Williams, call from the landing. Even though Amber’s bedroom door was shut, she could hear her mother loud and clear. Feeling a little irritated, Amber closed the lid of her laptop and opened her bedroom door.
“What are you doing in there, all on your own?” Angela asked.
“Just studying,” replied Amber. She knew her mother’s main concern was her grades. Angela thought Amber was a model student - and a model daughter, too
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- and she’d be horrified if she knew she was obsessed with a YouTube star.
Angela smiled. “That’s my girl. I’ll leave you to it.”
Amber rolled her eyes once more. She shut her bedroom door behind her, and returned to her laptop.
Amber sighed deeply again. She was considering deleting her Facebook account. At least, she would be, had Jonas not just made a profile on the site.
Are you watching that weird English kid again? typed Brooke.
That weird English kid. Amber’s friends knew of her obsession, but couldn’t understand what she saw in Jonas James.
What’s it to you? retorted Amber.
He’s so weird, Brooke replied.
You already said that, Amber typed, chuckling to herself. With his red hair and freckles, he might have seemed a little weird to other people. But to Amber, he was the perfect man.
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