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Natasha What Is True Love? Ch 1

Higanbana, the feeling of abandonment...

Dear Diary,

All my life, I have felt like I have been lonely and abandoned figuratively and literary. I feel like the definition of my favorite flower, *Higanbana. My parents are usually busy with work to notice me. One day, I thought I had found love but little did I know, I was fooled by his charming smile. He brought my life anguish, misery, and pain. The day has come where I can start a new life and make the most of it. I hope I make friends who will stick by me. I hope they like for me and not discriminate towards me because the sin I committed. I hope I meet a guy who will treat me with kindness and love me for me.

-March 26, 2025.

Earth to Natasha! Akane yelled. Huh? I asked. As I was writing the rest of the diary entry, I thought about how Akane and Hanae would take me leaving. Hanae clung to me. It's been two years since that guy used me and ruined my life. Hey, what are you doing? asked. Well since I leave this hellhole, I might as well make my entry interesting. I replied.
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So you say. Akane replied. Natasha, I heard you leave today? Hanae asked. Yeah, being in here around you two made it manageable in a sense. I replied. I know we will see each other again. I know it. I replied. I smiled. Higashiyama, you are free to go! Gira yelled. You don't have to yell at me. I can hear perfectly. I replied. Natasha! Rene yelled. Mom, you don't have my name. I replied. I would hug you but that uniform screams wash me. Rene replied. Geh mom, I feel so much better. I replied. Wait, Rene Martin is your mom? Akane and Hanae asked. Yeah, I never told you guys because you would act like this. I replied. Shut it, that means your father is Jeremy Higashiyama? Hanae asked. Yeah, that's my dad. I replied. You know love his books. Akane replied. How about when you guys get out, you can get a book signed by him. I replied. Really, thank you! Akane replied. Akane and Hanae hugged me. Here are some changing clothes. Rene replied. Why if it isn't the troublemaker, Rene Martin. Kari
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replied. Well, I got my life together. Rene replied. She fell into the same cycle of her mother. Kari replied. Whatever. Rene replied. Mom, I am ready. I replied. Bye Higashiyama! the girls yelled. If you see that deuce bag again, make him rue the day he ruined your life! Kita yelled. Believe me, Kita, I will make him regret ruining my life. I replied. As I walked out the door, I had the motivation to live my life with hatred driving me. I thought. Natasha, get in the car. Rene replied. When I got in the car, my mom gave me advice. Natasha, don't let hatred drive you. I can tell you from experience it leads to a life of anguish. Rene replied. I won't let him rule my life, mom. I replied. I know you will meet friends who care about you. I also know you will find a guy who will love you for you. Rene replied. Rene smiled. I had a serious face on the way home. Little did I know when I got home things will bring me of a sudden form of sadness.

* Higanbana (red spider lily) means abandonment,
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lost memory, and never meet again.

Stay Tuned.

You will see Akane and Hanae names again in Book Three.
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