Follow up

Kickoff written by huhrison / Follow-up written by devandelfano

Traveller, Traveller.

The man who ventures forwards must be fearless.

"......", silence pervaded the whole forest and soon the wind blew, and bustles of leaves were heard.

"Short story.", Suddenly, a voice was heard in a corner of the forest.

"Who are you???", he said in panic and fear right after he forgot to breath. He then noticed his breathing becoming more and more jagged and irregular. Breathing became difficult. The pressure. The fear. His heart beating loudly. His whole body, hot. His blood, boiling.

"I'm your fears.". The child looked back up at him. His face, innocent and harmless, but that was exactly what made him look very threatening. The clown shaker on his hand, squeezed and hugged tightly to his body.

The man just stared back
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at him. Puzzled and afraid as he kept on stepping back.

The child approached him and asked, "Why did you kill Samantha?"

The man was shocked in horror when he heard the word 'kill' and the word 'Samantha', but before he could speak, the child continued.

"How many fingers did you eat today?"
"Was it good?"
"How many women did you kill today?"
"I wonder if there is any who is my type."
"I love the small petite ones."
"hey, say. Could you show me some of the live ones?"
"Or at least give a little description of the petite ones."
"Pretty please hahaha. i'll return Canhi back to normal if you do"

The child barraged the man with tons of questions. But one stood out from all the rest. The very last one.

"WAS THAT YOU??!!!", the man screamed and howled at him.

The child smiled, laughed, and ran.
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