Kickoff written by evebailey666

Monochrome girl

Small shorts, all written in spare time

1 - Daisies
Children are like daisies, they all reach as high as they can for a dream or a goal that seems unreachable, only the lucky few ever reach the sapphire blues and pure whites. They're all children wanting to grow up as losing innocence is easy but, sadly, growing up is hard to face. They're so small and so insignificant that it all seems futile. Their features made of stone, pretending that they're okay, that they don't care.
Why care for an already broken world? It's the same as caring for a broken person. You fall in love with the way the breeze makes the leaves and grass wave wildly, the way the sun feels like a relief after being in the shade. You fall in love with the way nature moves, looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes. You fall in love with a person the same way as falling in love with a view. However, views may be dark, melancholy and sour at times where they feel pointless. Art begins to have no meaning, words have no affect, music has no beat. Everything
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becomes a chore.
The daisy children grow and try to force themselves out of the darkness of inner Earth. When in the end none of it matters because, in the end, they will all burn and shrivel into despair. The daisies are there to work, reproduce and die. Handing the next generation a world of mass destruction and no possibility of surviving. Daisies grow and live and die and pass; just like the youth. The youth will not survive.

2 - The Magpies
Magpies flew off elegantly as i had stepped around the corner. At first I saw two, then they multiplied. One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold seven for a secret never to be told, eight for a wish. I wish it'd stop and be okay. So many things to wish for and i chose that one wish.

3 - Death
I am here to right the wrong of a king who shouldn't be. He built towers high, letting memories fall to the ground. His crown of teeth and bones shone brightly, bleached. Eyes scanning for everything
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he seeks.
Everyone dropped their heads to avoid his gaze, all but one. Her head held high, defiant, eyes to the shining blue hues of the skies above.
Underneath her breath she prays for God to save her and his sorry soul. To let him reap the pain he deserves as she weeps in grief.
Intrigued he walked over to her in a leisurely manor, smiling maniacally. She did not flinch or react to the simple touch of his gloved fingertip against the bottom of her chin. She simply smiles, almost flirtatiously and said; loud and clear "death is not the end, people live on" He frowned, angry, confused.
Time reversed suddenly. Buildings rose, skyscrapers back to their former glory. Reflecting the destruction of the planet, Earth was healing herself. The girl spread her arms wide and hugged the king.
Blood, death, screams. "I rule all. Death is the answer to the long lasting question."
To be born is to be laid upon a death bed.

4 - Notre-Dame (15/4/19)
Today is the day it happened.
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Today is the day some lost faith. People believe that God has a plan, that everything happens for a reason. Today is the day Notre-Dame cathedral burnt. Red terrible flames roared high. The once beautiful architecture now ashes. If God has a plan then why let the cathedral burn to the ground? why let Satan's flames rise high, powerful and almighty? Smoke billowing into the air as the famous spire collapses in defeat. If God has a plan and really wants the best for us the why destroy such beauty dedicated to him and a place of refuge to those who wish to pray and to confess in his name? So many questions, not enough answers. However, we have one answer and that is God has left us.

5 - Ants
I keep seeing ants scuttling across the concrete. They're so,so very small. I'd love to be that insignificant but instead I am not. I just want to be small and forever silenced, like an ant. I want to sleep forever and live in bliss and dream of lands that i can stay in till the end of time.
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