Kickoff written by EllaSWTales

The Blue Sleep

Dreams, Death, and You

A vast sea of ocean blue
Lead me all this way to you
Where water weeps with wishful worries
Where time ends the sleepless story
So sing to me, my dear sweet blue
And let the ocean come consume you

Chapter 1 Hunters

It was days like this you felt like a wolf, or maybe a panther; a predator born of the wilds. Days like this, when the sun warmed the earth, and the shade retained the cold under its mass to cause the balance of temperature to remain absolutely perfect. Days like this did not come often enough. School and her pathetic excuse of a life always got in the way of days like this. But when it was summer, and she was let off her chain to be set free, days like this became frequent. Days like this, in this place, were almost always perfect. Rainy days would pass to birth days like this, where the dew hung light and the flora bloomed with nourishment. Despite the fact that she had only a couple weeks to spend here, she wouldn’t let the ever looming fear of return discourage her.
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Days like this didn’t come often enough, and she wasn’t going to let the fear of the future ruin that right now. Right now, she was hunting.
The tall, oaken trees cast their long black shadows across her path, the setting sun feeding their length. Warm summer air carried in the scents of the forest: fresh air, damp earth, blossoming flowers, the sprays of water from the nearby creek, and animal musk. That last scent was the one she was after. City life had tainted her senses some, dulling them noticeably, but there were some things even time couldn’t unteach. Following the trails with skill gained over years of practice early on in life, she traversed her way through the dense woodland. Taking swift, but deathly silent steps.
That’s when she saw it, her target. The doe’s head was deep in the tall grasses the clearing provided. She redied her gun, the one she’d been using since she could first hold a firearm this size. She trusted the deadly weapon, it had almost never failed her. That
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is, if she took proper care of it. She leaned into the shot, closing one eye she focused on her target, zeroing in on a soft spot. As her finger began to pull back on the trigger with the full intention to bring an end to a life, she noticed something that caused her to hesitate. Readjusting, she realized that this doe was not alone, at her side was a fawn. The fawn couldn’t have been more than a few months old, and still stumbled over its own stickly legs.
Something inside her switched, and she lowered the gun, releasing all tension in her limbs and slumping down behind the tree she’d been using as cover.
“Heh,” She breathed just under a tone that they two would pick up, “I couldn’t do that to you.” She looked back up at the doe and her offspring as they nuzzle each other. She looked back down at the weapon now sprawled across her lap, a sad smile breaking upon her face, “I know what it’s like living without a mother.”
Knowing remaining here was pointless, she slowly stood, and began
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to keep away. She attempted not to disturb the two peaceful creatures with her departure, leaving the scene as silently as she had entered. As she traveled once more through the trees, the forest cooed with sympathy. It had lost many of its own, their souls lost to the oblivion, or whatever else lie beyond. Shouldering her pack, she continued on, at a steady pace, the thoughts she had forced to the back of her mind returning to haunt her as she bypassed branches and stepped over stumps. “Yeah, but it doesn’t matter, I’m going to have to go soon to live with people that don’t give a shit about me or my life,” The breeze brushed through her mid length hair, stirring it just so that it would tickle her nose. The sweet gesture did nothing to cheer her up, however. Once her week was up, she’d have to go back to that hell whether she wanted to or not.
With her feet guiding her path, her mind wandered off to places elsewhere. An island. Made completely of sand, surrounded on all sid
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