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Why I Need To Stop Smoking and Start Living

breathe in. 5 seconds left. Breathe out. *COUGH!!* *COUGH!!* crap. I got too dramatic and some of the smoke got into my lungs. It tasted so bad. But I am lonely though... I'm also hungry.... I need a girlfriend.... Feeling hungry and unloved, I went to the kitchen to whip up some food as I rubbed my grumbling tummy. Soon, the tummy grumbled again, and again, and it grew stronger with every grumble. It was as if the son of Satan and all the 12 demons of hell got kicked out from hell and are now staying in my tummy as refugees without permission and paying rent. They are like those tenants that just came to get that 1 month free privilege, party all night, disturb their neighbors, and leave once the privilege is over to move on to the next place
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to haunt. The tummy kept on grumbling as if telling me, "I'M HUNGRY!! GET ME FOOD NOW ASAP!!!" I rubbed and rubbed it telling it to calm down.... I'm doing my best here.... but the grumbling tummy was not satisfied so it started on making weird sounds that made me doubt there isn't anything wrong with my belly. *BOOM!* Smoke came out from my mouth and a big ass blue genie came out. "I'M OUT!!! I'M OUT!!! I'M A FREE MAN!!!! I'M FREE FROM THAT STINKING STOMACH!!!", the genie exclaimed. "Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!", the genie continued.
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