Kickoff written by Fire.Blossom37

Hero Vs Hell

Were good and evil diverse

‘what is that’ I asked Ryan. ‘why is the ground moving? And is that smoke over there?!’ I held his hands to steady my body, while flames my fire spirit flouted to my pocket. ‘it might be a villain attack.’ Ryan answered. ‘let’s go check it out!’

Ryan is younger brother, but we study in the same class and year. I grabbed his hands and pulled him to the smoke source. Excitement flowed through my blood, every time I see a villain attack, I run towards it, hoping that I would see our brave heroes in duty. ‘slow down, Susi.’ Ryan says. ‘the heroes wouldn’t escape you know’ he always says that line when I run to a crime scene, but I can’t help it. Sense I was a young girl I dreamed to be a hero, saving people with a smile on my face, and planting hope in their hearts. Just like my role model, red shadow, a fearless hero who is our city justice source and the number 1 hero.

We arrived at the smoke source, I started to scan the heroes, I wasn’t that tall unlike Ryan, even that he is smaller than
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me he is taller. I had to stand on my tiptoes, I was searching for Red Shadow. Ryan pulled me down and said: ‘she’s not here, its only him’ he meant solarflame, the hero who stole our father name and claimed that my father before his death waivered it to him. Everyone believed him except us.

The energy that flowed through me stopped, I went back home. Every time I see him, I remember my father and how I find his dead body after a war in the city that I used to live in, that happened 7 years ago. Ryan and my other two siblings (Max my oldest brother and second was Petra) was with my mother, who died after 2 months after that incident.

When I went back home, Stephani welcomed me, she is a robot that my mother friend made for us. After the lost I stayed with her for 3 years where I learned engineering and inventing, and before I left, she gave me Stephani as a goodbye present, so she can take care of me, but she had no feelings she only worked. I didn’t feel comfortable that way, so I used
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my knowledge, and tried to program feelings to her. I tried more than 100 times, I almost gave up, I wouldn’t lie I did, but when I unwired Stephani after deleting all my failures from her data base. she looked me in the eye, she saw my feelings in my eyes that I tried hardly to hide it, she said: ‘why did you stop, we were close I could feel it!’ wait….. Did she just feel it!

Then an idea popped in my head, instead of programming feelings into her, why don’t I teach her, and what would help me is that all of her inventions are specialized by self-learning. And after 9 months of teaching I started to see some progress, she began to be happy, sad and other simple basic emotions. Now she mastered the emotions part and now you can’t tell a difference between her and any human being.

Stephani made me ate lunch even when I told her that I don’t want to. after the long day, I went to sleep while flames flouted to her fire proof bed, I had a hard time to sleep after seeing him, a sob escaped
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I, and my eyes started to water. Even though the accident happened 7 years ago, I still feel it just happened this morning, I was so attracted to my father and I still don’t believe that he is dead. But I try to accept the truth.

I woke up in the early morning, my eyes were burning from crying last night, I got used to this scenario after the accident. I changed to school clothes, I attended lords’ middle school. I ate my breakfast and then went to school with Ryan. On the way, I met with my best friend Sara, and soon enough we arrived at school.

to be continued
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