Kickoff written by Imaginox

The pizza party

A group of teenage friends have a pizza party?

I made this story and put it in a comment section of some funny video I found called We get some kids riled up for pizza and then leave. This story is based on that video. I hope you enjoy!

Once, me and my friends were at a restaurant. I don't remember why we were there, but at some point, a good friend's parents asked us: "Who wants some pizza?" We all eagerly said "Hell yeah!!" We all were so excited! We couldn't wait for some nice, cool and most importantly cheesy cheese popper pizza. (The restaurant had cheese popper pizza by the way) So we all asked for cheese popper pizza and we all asked for different toppings, I personally picked sausage with extra cheese and nachos cuz It seemed so good! Then, they left. We assumed that they were going to order the pizza and go to the arcade in the meantime, but It was taking a whole lot of time. We waited and waited for what seemed like forever, we waited for so long, It felt like time stopped. It felt chillingly unsettling, like the cold breeze
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of the wind when you're alone, waiting for the bus to pick you up for high school. Birds chirped outside the window as we waited for what seemed like ages... Like the clock just slowed down to the point that every second felt like an hour just going by. It truly felt like we were never gonna get that taste of cheese popper pizza in our mouths. In the end, the guy's parents never did come back, nor did we ever get our pizza. We still don't have any idea what happened to our friend's parents, and the guys still trying to look for them. I really just hope they're still okay.
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  • Imaginox

    Imaginox inspired :

    A youtube video called "We get some kids riled up for pizza and then leave"



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