Kickoff written by Priscilla Davis

Salvage What is Left

The Attempted Genocide of Earth

Charlie always plays with Seth, Mic, Celia, Amy and Lucy in the orchard under the citrus trees after the day’s fulfillments. The children are all expected to meet in the library at 7 am every morning for math, literature and lecture on all subjects valued by the community. The children then have to attend hands on learning and contribute to the small society. Charlie knew he would marry Celia, his paring had been arranged by the scientists in his community before he was in his mother's womb. He knew Seth and Lucy would marry and Amy and Mic would marry. They all knew how many children they each would have and they knew how their genetic lineage would pair off for optimal human creation for the next 7 generations. Charlie was cooperative and appreciative in his role in the community, his friends relied on him for encouragement and confided in him with all their youthful worries and inquiries.
When they read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Seth came to Charlie and expressed disappointment
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to be forced to marry and reproduce with Lucy, he confided in Charlie about how he wanted to fall in love like the characters of fiction they read in library. Charlie, wiser than his years, reminded Seth, fiction is not reality, and those characters die tragically. The scientists chose their partner based on perfect design. There would be no tragedy from these arrangements. Charlie reminded Seth about the design and goals of the entire community, which was taught to all the children during lecture and history.
The elders of Sublantis insisted the community be self sustaining and secluded. The small group of people chose to live underground; literally under the earth’s surface. These were not the "prepper" people who anticipated the end of the world. These were people that wanted to segregate themselves and their families from the way the world was and was becoming.
Technology was adequate enough to sustain a small community under ground. Strategically located to avoid all fault lines,
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and reinforced to withstand tremors caused by the closest faults. Groundwater naturally found in underground aquifers naturally occurred and were secured and rationed for all living organisms to thrive. Electrically engineered to produce enough light to mimic the sun, and grow crops to feed the small community. The circular layout of the city provided an efficient order to house, produce goods, and protect all of the civilization. The individuals involved all obtained advanced educations and acquired the necessary tools to maintain the skills and use their education to advance their society. Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, Researchers, Farmers, Ranchers, Chemists, Biologists, Artists. People were sought to fill all the subcategories of each of the necessary professions. Many people played multiple roles in the underground society.
Sublantis was so secure and safe the citizens didn't notice the war. The had no idea the people on the surface had no warning when the attacks started. The military
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seemed to be ill equipped against the new foes and all heroes were the first to go when they scorched the Earth's surface in a giant ball of fire. The land burned for thirty-eight days and smouldered for another seventy-five days. The air was toxic and any creature that somehow survived the great fire, suffocated by lack of oxygen. The oceans boiled, causing storm systems that span entire hemispheres, and wind storms with fire tornadoes.
Sublantians thrived.
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