Kickoff written by Invisiblespace

Breathe (Prologue)

Like catwoman, but not.

It was way too hot for this. Despite it being night, it was still around 75 degrees outside. It made Madeline, who was used to the chilled nights of the upper US, uncomfortable. She was staked out by the corner of a jewelry store name Bronners', from the looks of its old timey interior and small size compared to traditional stores was family run. Which mean't that with this heist, someone's livelihood was going to be damaged. It left a sour taste in her mouth. She never liked hitting family businesses. It felt too personal, too cruel.
But Anderson, her handler, didn't care.

On a small memo pad, she wrote down points of interest.
How the front door didn't shut completely. Their opening and closing hours, including when the staff showed up to get the shop ready.
The fact they only had one camera, stationed by the front door.
Her phone buzzed in the cars cup holder, startling her slightly as she went to pick it up.
"So what do you think?" It was Anderson.
"Seems simple enough."
"If this
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was simple it wouldn't require three months of planning."
"Then I'm clearly missing something. What haven't you told me about this place?"
"Well I was about to mention the porn stash in the back. It's by the old man's desk, hidden in a floor board. Our contact tipped us off about it during our meeting."
A little stash of magizines weren't worth all this effort. But Maddie knew what kind of heinous material was. The realization made her feel increasingly ill.
"Are those materials the target?"
"A challenge. Get your hands on that and your pay'll be trippled. Your main target is to break into the owners office and obtain the master key to the display cases. His office is littered with camera's, so you'll be working with a few other operators to get this done."
Madison quickly wrote down all this info, stashing it into her glove box.
"And the catch is that I'm going to be living here." She acknowledged, hiding the stress in her voice.
"Yes. Did you even open the envelope I gave you?"
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been busy driving, sir. Just arrived three hours ago."
"The address to the safehouse is in there, along with everything else you'll need. Call me once everything is set with Davis."
"Oh and Madison? Don't make me have to call you. Unless you want a repeat of last time."
Her previous demeanor shattered, her hand gripping the phone tightly enough she feared for a brief moment that the screen would shatter. A few unchecked memories came to mind.
Nights of isolation, training bordering on torture with every slip up made.
Her back was still badly scarred, and it had already been several years since then.
"I understand," she gripped the steering wheel tightly, unwilling to let her voice quake.
"Madison, out."
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