Kickoff written by kayyyyyy18

When times get tough

lady pushing through a struggle

They say when people struggle you normally give up, but not this girl she was strong enough to keep moving forward. Family doubted her and even friends that she thought she had at one point in life. No matter what nothing could knock her confidence down now as a senior she's working hard towards her future. Not having any family on her side because they rather see her to fail before she become someone in this world. The world was full of pain everyday listening to the radio or even listening to the news hearing someone was killed, or kidnapped hurt her soul but she didn't let that stop her from becoming a better person day by day. Family said, ''You'll never amount to anything.'' Everything she went through motivated her to want better things in life. Tough days crying at night in the shower or in the room alone with no one to call on made her want to push forward and never give up. Till this days she has become a better person in life physically and mentally. People don't understand that
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something you say to people can actually push them to feel like they are less than what they really are. Yet she stayed strong and kept being confident in her self. Basketball was her way of coping and dealing with stress, but she knew if other people was to deal with what she had to go through they probably would've gave up, so she wanted to be the example and show people that they are not alone a lot of people deal with issues no matter what happens don't give up. Prove the people wrong who have doubted you they are going to see you become someone great one day. Family wasn't there for her many of them didn't like her because she wasn't who they wanted her to be. Crying day by day about the issues didn't help or hurt the situation, but then she realized it was time to stop crying and accept the fact that everyone will not like you even if it's your family. Life isn't what it should be most people say enjoy life while you are grown, but she was thinking how can she enough life when she
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have so many issues going on in her life. Now she is a senior in high school and will graduate and May still don't have a great relationship with her family, but doesn't let it bother her anymore. Anyone who is going through something don't give up their is hope when it feels like their isn't any. Never let anyone tell you what you can't and can do because you can do anything that you want to do long as you work hard to do it. If they doubt you even if it's someone you don't expect let them motivate you to push forward in life.
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