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Kickoff written by a_ryyyy / Follow-up written by devandelfano

On The First Night

On the first night I fell for a girl

Samantha then turned over and grunted, "urgh...". I couldn't help but soften my eyes and smile from her cuteness and vulnerability and chuckled as I said, "haha... sorrry. Did i wake you up Sammy?"

Suddenly, she jumped like a cat and screamed, "AHHHHHH!!!!! HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!! SOMEONE TRIED TO RAPE ME!!!!!", as she tried to get away from me.

"What's wrong???? It's me!! Tom!!!", I asked in confusion and panic. I looked to my left, then looked to my right.

"Hang on a second..."

Then, a bunch of men armed with guns and shields blasted through the door. On their shirt, written, "Maricopa Drug Suppression Task Force"

"This isn't my room...", I said as I was left there stunned by the unexpected situation. Samantha broke up with me last
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night for John. I was initially suspicious because her belly has been getting bigger and bigger by the week and every Friday night, she disappears for some "Girl's night out". I went to her 'girl friends' apartment' and they said Sammy was out with her co-worker Brad. I called Brad, and he told me that she was with him half an hour ago, but left for her friends' apartment for some girls' night out.

"This girl has been cheating on multiple men.....", I gasped for air like fish on land... I opened my bank account and everything was gone. zero. Depressed and broken, I sniffed some cocaine, got drunk, got into the wrong room, and fantasized about the vixen who lied, cheated, stabbed, stole, and threw me away like some used tissue.
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