Kickoff written by cascade

Sunny Nights O

Darkness and Light have been at war for centuries.

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Night and Day were the first ever entities to claim a space of the universe. Night and Day were close friends, though they were polar opposites. Night´s dark, black silky hair bounced everywhere they had walked; their eyes cold and mysterious like a dark void. Sun´s bright, prideful smile would leave Night feeling hopeful. Night and Day decided to create their own world, a world where humans existed.
Time was split into two, evenly shared between Night and Day. Though, Night realized this wasn´t fair at all. The mortals were more active during the day; and many feared Night with its unfamiliarity. Night was infuriated, and soon, confronted Day about this matter. They started a fight.
This went on for centuries, the endless bickering between Day and Night. This tore their friendship apart, and not long after, the humans that inhabited the world they had created; started to turn against each other as well. Night and Day decided to establish a game. A war between soldiers. The Blessings
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Light claiming to side with Day, against the Soldiers of Night(Commonly known as Night Soldiers) They will fight endlessly.

Or will they?

Will they stop?

Or will they continue?

What will end this war, and who will win?
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