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Kickoff written by Priscilla Davis / Follow-up written by Azalith

Escape Captivity

Caught Between Rot and a Soft Place

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Reaching downwards, ever closer to the floor, her hand neared the vague shadow at her feet. Suddenly her finger tip touched something metallic... on closer examination she identified the shape to be the zipper on her backpack! Filled with joy at the reunion with her dear possessions, she felt the rest of the bag and found it was covered in what felt like the same, mucous like substance she had nearly been sucked into moments before. She exclaimed, "Least my kidnappers left me something!" Opening her bag, she quickly set about searching for the cellular device. Her fingers soon closed round the familiar shape of her phone. Finding the on switch, she was overjoyed to see the screen flicker to life, and as it did so she glanced about the room,
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holding the device face up in the palm of her hand. What she saw caught her breath. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. Hyperventilating, she stared... transfixed by the horrifying sight. Strewn about her dimly lit circle of light, were the shriveled corpses of children. Their faces hauntingly screaming on in eternal agony. Mortified by what she saw, she barely noticed the light of her phone flicker again out of the corner of her eye. Turning back to the device, trying to calm herself down, she found herself at the lock screen. Quickly she typed in the password, "Paisley." It was the name of her beloved cat who always seemed to know when she was feeling down. Now smiling, Delia said, "She always had a way of making me smile didn't she?
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