Kickoff written by Amae

How I Conquered The Galaxy

Lord Niro + 5 Battle Maids vs Entire Galaxy

"Everyone! Lord Niro has awoken!"

I heard a feminine voice cried joyfully in the background. My vision was still hazy as I rubbed my eyes.

It's cold.

Has my hand always feel this cold?

I brushed again, but it was the same odd feeling. Instantly, I widen my eyes, wondering what is going on.

No way.

I took a look at my arms. It seems to be made of a metallic-alloy along mixed with few rare minerals and technology, presenting a silver-tinted shimmering look under the light.

Although it looks quite different, I could control my movement, even wiggle the fingers with ease.

"Lord Niro!" The lady greeted me, a happy and relieved smile appeared on her face as slight tears trickled down the side.

She was a beautiful woman who wore a pure white dress, and the faint smile on her face was that of a goddess. In stark contrast to her dress, her hair was a flowing, lustrous jet-black that reached down to her waist.

"Wh-What's going on?"
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I looked around only to find four more woman behind her, wearing maid outfits. However, these maids were all uniquely different in looks and equipment.

The maids wore tech-gauntlets and nano-greaves of gold, silver, black and red metals. On their head, they were finished with innocent-white headdresses. In addition, every girl was armed with a different weapon near the waist.

Their hairstyles were also varied; they wore their hair in buns, ponytail, French curls, and so on. The one thing they had in common was that every single one of them was attractive.

Battle maids...?

"Commanders," The lady in the front asserted as they all genuflected on the floor, bowing their heads to me in unison. "We have been waiting for you, my lord. Please give us your next order."

"Uhhhh... What?"

I gave them a blanked expression.

"My lord?"

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"Um... Okay first of all, I don't know any of you girls. And second, why are you wearing maid outfits? You do know that is out of date...But they look really nice though."

The ladies seem to be in absolute shock, murmuring softly amongst themselves.

But it's true.

In this age of space travel and intergalactic colonization, people wore nano-bodysuits rather than these medieval outfits.

"But my lord, you are the one who orders us to wear it. You told us that," She coughed and quoted in my voice, "Maids Uniform Are Justice!!"

What theā€”Did I have some sort of weird fetish?

"Do not be worried my lord, you are safe with us. Data indicates that you seem to be suffering from retrograde amnesia. For now, we will reintroduce ourselves."

She glanced back with the corner of the eyes in which the formality began.

"Aqua. First Commander. Specialize in the fleet formation and offensive warfare."

"Ruby. Second Commander. Specialize in defensive tactics and strategic support"
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I can tell that they were completely serious as their facial expression were stern and filled with complete respect. This wasn't a joke to them.

"Luna. Third Commander. Specialize in intergalactic-travel and nanotechnology."

"Isla. Fourth Commander. Specialize in crew management and scientific research."

Their sincere voices were filled with power. I can't help but admire their adamant loyalty and determination.

"Nova. Commander-in-Chief. The leader of all commanders and your trusty right-hand aid."

The Guardians voiced their acknowledgment to me and then asserted in unison.

"And we are here to help you conquer the galaxy, Lord Niro."
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