Kickoff written by Bubbles_Bullseye

The Colored Rose

She thinks she is nothing and world knows she is.

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"Run! Run! Run! Come on hurry up testing is in less then a week and I expect all of your to pass! Even you Mei Gui! Knees up run! " I hurry up glaring at the Gym instructor wondering why the heck I even tried.
"It! Is! Rose!" I yell as I catch the foot ball and fail at throwing it back. The guy that was my partner scowls as he picks it up and throws it hard against my head. I bounce back slamming into the floor from the impact. Darn it, I should have been looking at him instead of the stupid Instructor. Whatever, I hear the whistle blare shaking me up to a sitting position as the guy who had just hit me sulked off to the dressing room. I shake my head laying my hand on the tender side of my face as the Instructor walks over.
"Are you okay?" He asked looking around not really caring about my injuries. He had testing to get these kids ready for. I shake my head standing up walking past the selfish man.
"Yeah I am perfect lets get back to work." I spoke not even flinching at all the stare.
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I knew they were looking at the big red whelp that was hugely noticeable. I didn't care what they thought of me anyways it will always be negative. The bell rings making me take off to the showers hoping to keep the girl's from pulling another stunt. I hop in the shower quickly scrubbing the grime of the day listening to some of the girls start to file in. I rinse myself and stick my hand out of the shower feeling for my clothes. I sigh when I find them exactly where they belonged. May the world actually have mercy on me? I step out of the bathroom and look around confused. No one was in the change room nor the showers. I slip on my long sleeves and yoga pants ready to leave when I hear my name being called. I dart out into the court wondering what was up. When I see the suits I still before slow, approaching the line up.
"Miss Gui. Why did you not come to the line up and keep us waiting?" He asked me making me shake a bit as I bowed.
"Sorry Sir I did not know someone had shown up sir"
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I spoke with my voice shaking terrified as he swung his eyes to Mindy a popular school girl.
"Miss Bonda why did you not inform Miss Gui of the visitors. Did you lie to me?" The instructor seemed livid about his prized student lying to his face. I hold in a snicker as she freezes up under his dark cold glare. He sighs turning back to the business man. "I am sorry for the inconvenience." Instructor seemed a bit scared of the man and it made me that more terrified. Any one that makes that massive man uneasy could probably easily hurt me. I watch as the mysterious man walks through the line up looking the girls and boys up and down. I fidgeted as he looked at my long sleeves and pants. Being as it was about 90 °F (32 °C) I guess he took noticed of it. He walked down the line past me and I let out a sigh as I started to relax from the little look over. He walks back to the Instructor making him unnerved again.
"Miss Gui walk forward will you?" The man's voice shook around. He continued on.
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"Miss Bonda please step forward." He spoke turning away from me to the famous girl. Where was he going with this. i step forward hesitantly as Mindy strut forward showing off her muscles.
"Now fight one another." He spoke as ominously as if saying the weather was great today. I looked at the man stunned as did Mindy. She was planning on being a runner not a fighter and me being the weakling of the group was doomed to have a job like gathering. So why did it shock me so badly when I felt a punch to my face from her fist. I jump back stunned from the blow slightly. She jumped at me and I go limp ducking down making her over throw her weight. She fell forward and I ran right into her knees. She feel to the floor holding her knees up to her chest cringing from the pain. I feel the tears gather in my eyes as it hit me I had hurt someone. I never would hurt someone ever. So why was it so measly?
"Miss Gui lift up your sleeves please." I swirl stunned at his request and just ran.
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