Kickoff written by Priscilla Davis

Portal In the Woods

The Morning That Ended the Routine

The couple walked hand in hand through the woods behind their house every day since they purchased the home. Skyler and Mikha are self proclaimed nature lovers, avid explorers, and mega romantics. The woods were the reason they bought the house, with the intent to take these romantic walks every morning before they started their day.
Today started like every other day, alarm set to announce ten minutes till sunrise, to the tune of "Love is All You Need" by the Beatles. The romantic couple greet each other with a kiss and a good morning wish, merely dress for the weather, and head out on the trails.
Skyler takes Mikha's
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hand with tenderness and they interlocked their fingers. Mikha sets the pace, a smidge faster than leisurely. The couple spot the cardinal as it swoops across the trail and lands in a tree backed by the rising sun. Two squirrels chase each other up and around the base of a nearby tree. The sound of the animals stirring in the brush brings a smile to Mikha's face. A breeze blows through the treetops with a gentle rustling. The sun begins to peek over the top of the tree line.
Skyler noticed it first, and stops suddenly. Mikha's hand partially loses grip with Skyler's and nearly stumbles to a halt. Mikha's mouth
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drops open in shock and confusion. Neither Mikha, nor Skyler had seen anything like it before. They find it to the right of the path, the trees bend and blur around a spherical, translucent image almost the size of a door. The center absorbs the sunlight, but does not reflect the light out. A low, unnatural yet soothing hum emanates from the ball. The animals stay clear of the amazing unknown object.
The couple stands speechless, unable to comprehend what they are looking at. Skyler releases Mikha's hand and walks cautiously wide around to take a look at the other side of the object. It looks no different from the other
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side, but Skyler loses sight of Mikha when the orb is between them. Filled with worry Mikha runs to find Skyler, who looking even more confused on the other side.
Skyler takes a step closer to the illusion. Mikha grabs Skyler's hand and squeezes, to show support for the decision to further investigate. Another step and they look at each other, as if they share the same thought, they both stick each other's clinging hands through the center of the unknown force.
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