Kickoff written by Rachel

Boring Old Me

To have an adventure. To have fun and to love.

Dean feels so alive!! He is jogging to release some of the energy, so that he could sleep.

All his hard work is finally paying off. His father will finally stop making him feel like a loser. Maybe? Probably not. He really doesn't know why his father is so mad at him.

Okay maybe he did. His father let it slip once and told him that he's the one who should have died and not his mother. His father loved his mom so much and Dean killed her.

His steps faltered when he heard something. No one is around. He's sure he heard someone crying.

Maybe it is just in his imagination. He really needs to rest. Now that he closed the deal, he can take a couple of days off. He started to walk to his house when he heard it again. This time he saw where it came from.

There is something sitting on
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his lawn. He slowly approached it. Not knowing if it is an animal or a child. It looks small. He doesn't want to frighten it.

He is still a couple of houses away but he can hear clearly now due to the fact that it is way past midnight and you cannot hear anything except the noise coming from it.

The creature suddenly move and he was stunned when he saw her. Nothing small about her. Maybe her height but everything else are so.. well proportioned?

She sobbed again and he cannot stop himself from darting to her when he noticed that she is falling.

His face scrunch up when he smelled it. She is definitely drunk.

"Miss what are you doing here?" he tried.

"I'm going home." She supplied. She can still speak clearly which is a good sign.

"Okay. Where is it?" he asked.

"Here." She pointed at his house.

"That's my house and I am pretty sure that I don't have a housemate."

She looked at him as if she has woken up and looked from side to side. She grabbed his arm and dragged him to the
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other house and pointed.

I looked at her eyes and see hope in there. Is she hoping that it is her house?

"That is Mr and Mrs Keller's house. Do you know them?"

"No." She murmured dejectedly. They went to 3 different houses with the same outcome. He is tempted to knock on each door but he looked at his watch and it is 3 am. He might get shot for waking up his neighbors. He will definitely shoot someone who will wake him up during this hour.

She suddenly perked up and dragged me to a different house and pointed.

He narrowed his eyes to her. He is starting to think that she is just playing with him. They're back to his house. He was starting to get pissed.

"I told you before, that's my house. Do you even have a name?!" he snarled at her.

She dropped his arm and tears pooled from the corner of her eyes.

Shit! He panicked and tried comforting her.

"Sorry. Please don't cry. Just tell me your name." He can't stop himself from pulling her for a hug.

"I'm Sandra."

"Great! That's a start.
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I'm Dean. Do you have a phone or a bag? Maybe you have an ID where your address is?"

Her eyes suddenly brightened and stepped away from him. "I do! It's.." she looked at her left and right. "not here."

Crap! He is running out of ideas.

She suddenly swayed and would have fallen if he was not fast enough to catch her.

"I'm so tired."

"Do you want to sleep at my house? I have a guest bedroom." He offered.

She studied him for a minute then smiled. "Yes please."

Sandra woke up with a headache. She doesn't drink but his asshole of a boyfriend dumped her through a text message. Who does that?

He said she is too boring for him. Such a jerk! She is not boring! Dumped while she is on her first solo trip. She was actually enjoying the freedom from her protective parents and brothers then came the message.

She doesn't want to call anyone because they will just make her go home and her adventure is just starting.

The air was filled with freshly baked bread and bacon and ..

"Shoot! Where am I? The cruise ship!?" She's panicking. If it is morning and she is not on the ship, they might have left her there. She looked around for her bag. Her passport is in there.

"Good morning, Sandra"
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