Kickoff written by RobinRecreates

Symphonic Witch Soul Aching

No Godly preaching will help them and the others.

Walking so beastly beautiful Victorian East side she had the sixth sense hearing the Gothic music.The flower shops caught her eye the fast pace of the people going to work.What a soulful smell music sounds to her ear of Black Dahlia. Besides the faintly illuminated shapes stood out tasteless Hanging upside down bat orchids. You could smell ethnic flavors his eyes Jalapeno red hot erotically altered her into something that she could not escape. When the Saint's come marching sinful his wife madly driving Miss adultery played through her mind. How his eyes playing and observing like a womanizer and his blood shot eyes flew vampire haunting blood the moon. But Samatha the harp tree lady stringing something together creepy pasta but her powers were weak. Some Gothic man symphonic music started playing Rossini Opera tattoo head she was pinned to his eyes she was all bloomed. Like a fly by witches, flower came he passed her and he knew exactly who she was. He winked to summoned her on what a
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binding spell she wiped the sweat off her face.
She was beautiful pale porcelain skin and alluring walking with her parasol. But not realizing she was the target and wouldn't feel anything because he wiped out her soul. But music could overpower any ritual of a spell she was super soulful in her cooking and music she loved the artist Nicola Benedetti smooth and saucy. Hot Ferrari Spider the Carretti river of the twin residents. There was no way out he was the demon lord everyone was telling him to shoot that bitch with her poor soul brat-wurst. She needed to tune him out get a grip do you hear me who else could you be? He used to be a kind loved Mozart now he turned mad was in his blood Vampire shopping stake in the music heart. He was the historically instrumental music man.Some of his students he would torment them with his words if they didn't play their instrument top of the rank they wanted to bang their heads. They couldn't take it mop of a whiplash clean up your splash. They
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would have to stay very late to clean the coffin place. He was set a certain way he wanted them knuckled like the Eastwick tongue gruesome witches of East winds Castled her dead weight hands she was ghostly cheek paper thin hallowed.

Those fingers to bleed they would use broom mop beat of a witch drum.You never hold the broomstick right you need more beer brewing, this is crazy I am going out of my head. The music is Bach but haunting when I am in route I-69 the music is all over the place he pulled himself into the witch and go station he said the worst of this is over I think the worst of the shock was receding as long as he didn't think of those damn witches they are called the symphonic witches.They hunt & wait to find the most vulnerable one with the worst mop of hair.What did she do to you hearing the same symphonic melody but it was more like a cancer of parody.

They met every Thursday 69 times that green thirsty human @ the Demon's brew up @ the London brewery.Dark
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left a brutal mark always a screw of the fallen hair. Let's go international very conventional.Not very functional This world is messed up worm's batch of brew in your cup. They need to suck in their waistline what guts raining witches. Their zombie bodies hanging by her plants weed of wrinkled face and my pot green thumbs.I needed to stretch my hat with my longer than hail the witch nails. Bring my candle's and black evil cat.

Time remaking itself will I ever live with myself.Did he give you big shot bad injections This whole world is a disease cup of coffee they drink blood sugar raises her skin got as pale as milk not very fast food appetizing all beds and sheet and the primary color green faces of IV poison talking heads psyche killer someone was rolling the camera she screams!! I need to put my face back on movie set did you end up like dead head detention Was this the bad side of the moon creation Dark I love it witchery 3D images gruesome reaction. I had sex, hell of a dea
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