Kickoff written by RobinRecreates

Magical Party College Genie

Exotic Oils cleanse her body

On the sexual Nile, he loses control women have a soft spot for luxurious hot oils.
What sex benefits like a Literotica riding Camel's back gently stimulating climax.
Her taste for almonds good nutritional what a messaging relaxing vacation.
Traveling to another exotic Island babes of Brazil wearing their low cut bikinis.
Hot men, with their sex skilled hands Brazilian body rub Teadora she hot explorer or facials for your hair, "Go Hollywood" Shuemera she felt like a Dora soft hands so much more to explore.
Women with Rita Hayworth sexy red hair like Genie in a bottle more men to stimulate like my country farm cattle.Those popular hair treatment going first class sipping my bottle of Sex on the beach bubbly.The best sea salt at my shiny feet.
Going to the Coffee Hub what grains of colors crystals shining couldn't stop thinking what addiction going along with afflictions my heart is screaming for those luxurious oils.
Putting on my shea butter for my hair or Marion Oriental beautiful Asian
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so amazing what silky long strong healthy looking hair.
Looking over my rainbow of Exotic love oils.
Going to the sultry Surrender Dorothy spa and the hair salons with dim lights eating some of the finest caviar my hair getting a Love to love you baby treatment the colors glow highlight's with foils but thinking about my hot oils going to Bali Islands he had me what a wicked dressing.That was better than my Doll collection.
Body to body love to love collecting the sea shells
Making another Genie wish I won't tell?
Time to set the mood all about the tone being fit.
Still looking every second at our cell phone.No way will I get lazy to take a seat I am working my body out.
Staying fit you meet more friends that want to stay healthy.
It's not always about the media everything turns like Hollywood wife's wealthy.No chip on her shoulder but heavy weight of lifting.
We're all human and emotional with feelings something in the way she knows she senses his feeling's but he hides them.So she works
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out how she relieves her tension.There is nothing more rewarding like getting a fat pension.
Chances are slim.The workout is her adrenaline high.
Love is the drug breathe in to take another breath then sigh.
See the robin birds fly.You're looking fit in the health club smiles come alive in the picture frame.
Who is to blame do men think women always need to be tamed?
We wake up to cleanse and tone our faces.
The smell's of breakfast granola and passion love fruit how your always being a good sport tasting your active blend of coffee new love work out sweat looking better than you ever looked.Those weights muscled tone your phone keeps ringing but hey world having Girls of fun streaming.Women we love to chat and our Men will always hold their bat.
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That's Life from the past.
so stylish.
Life now sexy chatting cattish we will always chat friendships will always last even if it's in the past we do the same things now but different.We a re brave and defiant.Live love and laugh.Your men going to war your following your dreams filling your fantasies.All about the college men of sports.

Roar for the college He Got Chosen.
That football miraculous power has risen.
Bold, my unique game, what a love hold.
So swift military offensive.The roar came out defending the team in my shower.How the thought of sports and men on the win.The long game to the goal end.
Did it feel like the twilight of hours?
Home-body beer--steamy he raised me but I went like a down field, I felt like the field of dreams.
How it was great balls of fire love and desire.Take another look.Those frat parties how they drank and enjoyed these April fools pranks.Too much drinking I had the sense to say no thanks.
Opening up ball of an invitation, Sports Dorm Masquerade football face masks the Babes had something way bigger I'm not telling so don't ask.
They were shooting their stars pool tables sexy girl boots, love Genie
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