Kickoff written by RobinRecreates

Altered House of Pretenders

The Royal card computer game

Home is where the royalty is or home is where the bark is Oh! Please let’s stop pretending we think too much feeling lost but holding onto the dream on. We got a lot of living to do strong words you face it head on such high pitch society you know your limitations so well. Are we still the pretender making plans finding love again like everything is fine. But coming to terms with who you are. let’s be realistic only time will tell but your living in hell.
Do we play the game to our real shame? Our needs are worthy how we pretend to much. Like the song wearing our heart like a crown.
𝒫𝓇𝑒𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇𝓈 Oh Yes! the dream but were left all alone. But we have a heart like a crown but so many ups and downs. So many years pass similar vein feeling unwanted bleeding like a thorn seeing the signs like the day you were born. Those billboard signs wanted or on the run. Now you feel so cornered or unwanted wondering why we aren’t good enough. Not reaching your fame creatively speaking your plateau.
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This is serious and you know you're not having fun. So much crime you're in the heat it's not your song you cannot hear the words to your beat.
Things elude trying to be extravagant or over confident presumptuous do we all feel we deserve a merit. All human computer crazed we progress with anger hearing echoes full of illusions. Men and women full of fantasies cannot see things for what they really are. Your words have no guidance it’s blindsided blind eye of rage or the third eye it's your life turning another page. But we still believe everything around us is going to be okay. But its an eve of destruction why is our happiness so hard to find.Trying so hard to stay in the socialite attempting so hard to impress affecting greater importance but we are still back where we started the great pretenders.We are climbing up to the top tower all games what a clan of cults and religious freaks. Needing more love how we find our happy “Medium Culture” True Pledge born to be writers not trying
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to be better than others.What a strong bloodline all in the brave and bold family. Feeling rebellious but craving so many things can be dangerously delicious.
How God Created Women 𝒢☯𝒹 𝒞𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒲💗𝓂𝑒𝓃.
Women shine derived light from man the women is the image so powerful of God Be fruitful and she keeps multiplying herself the earth like the fish of the sea the birds way over the sky everything moves beautiful balance shape and form the women carved magically like the tree of life.
˜”*°• Magical Men Amazing Powers •°*”˜
Or the “Gods Pretender” like Black Magic supernatural these men reputed how they possess amazing magical powers or levitation or the never aging or facing the La La land endless alternatives do we play pretend or true tales how they set an example in all our lives.
How to recognize the distinctive set of characteristics to be sacred like anyone else reflect on your relationships on your true being that’s your life. Who you feel drawn to. But how often we feel
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short of perfection do we got what it takes. What's our drive and purpose let’s stop pretending this is the fallen world and its full of disappointments. Let’s find what you really need to do with better engagements.
Born like a creature of the wild with talent to roar. You A’int nothing but a hound dog too many impersonators Elvis likes. Not so high classed.Too way out of A skirt line, not your fit to be fancy caviar bite. Doing the same things over and over biting your lips of boredom.Wanting to sing but everything become’s foreign in other terms “You A’int no friend of mine” sitting at the bar getting wine your face is gleaming so pompous bring out your best attributes but his body movement throws you a curve what a face heads and tails tune. Seeing right through his exterior. Who is the one in charge?
Like the name game, where does it lead us? The one behind the doubt of uncertainty no face only a mask? Self-worth inferior so out of line altered.To be or not to be like Hamlet
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