Kickoff written by RobinRecreates

Over digging Our Brain

This life we tend to over do things. Stop to think

How the silence greeted her revelation he had this clock-wise reaction and Charlotte curved her position like a pendulum going back and forth. It was all she could say she looked up at him dancing with the golden flames piercing her eyes. She wasn't sure what to make of the time that elapsed like the war of the flow of clocks world. She hopes so strongly she didn’t jump into his frying pan of words like trying to read the top of the hour newspaper trying to tell the time it’s like a second-hand clock. But first, most importantly we cannot turn the clock back to undo the harm it caused. But we certainly have the power to go with the flow to make things better instant solutions have a way of coming unstuck. To ensure ourselves what happened in our past never again will we let it flow into our future. Let our minds flow with more positive energy.
Day in and Day out:
All you do is dig dig dig… how we conserve energy per unit time. How we put all our energies into works. Or also our nervous
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energy fighting trying so hard to focus to find the time to balance our energy our mass movement.
Like the sacred going deep well dig your way to a spiritual time and knowing the truth of things will set us free.
Your the one going solo feel a pounding in your heart needing so much to tell someone how you care about them what happens to you when your day begins. Do we have a second to think about can we undo something or will it remain deep in our hearts? Something touched you like explosive words at war with one another how they develop. How does this entire world deal with such terrorism? But not having the time to tell someone you love them because your days come to close to the end. You feel like a thousand drums hit you like a bomb going off ticking clocks.
We visualize more what love really is and the day in and day out like the song continues on your digging way down to finding something its huge so major to bring it way up to the surface.
Telling one another the game isn’t over
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until the clock. We are going six feet under digging deeper. Like time management oxymoron time beyond like anger management, we cannot control it will keep ticking regardless of our lives. Any flow or form. He retreated one arm against the mantelpiece his eyes surprised engagement turned like a clock work orange so irritated beyond a different time. She felt like a stop moment of time. How she couldn’t gasp for air. The sensation got stronger how she was being watched making the right or wrong moves her steps going back and fo.rth. With an effort, she forced herself to straighten her body to behave but her mind really needed to function. He sensed the last word for quite some time like tic rock boom of logs into the stillness of the room. Emboldened she allowed herself to see the contour of destined time all contours shaped his face.
Like the French Emperor Napoleon power request so many derogatory stereo types.The morning mist was lifted by the time like our world became so responsible
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for the past and future how different time became. Like the Rehma time flow electric mechanical clock numbers how they dig to her movement beautiful Girl flow’s inside. Like Yoga adulterated Psychology Love and hope but our souls go deeper into the core of our brain.That cozy warm inviting library with the creative cafe of old grandfather clocks some of the names Ingram 1828 Ansonia 1850 and Gilbert rocking pendulum Newton equation of physics tome arrow how were fighting for time and space getting into the light or the dark like a sparrow. How someone is born with the proverbial silver spoon those compounding assets of his time clock heirloom faces. She was more animated by him then she seemed in months.
How we feel ticking like an anchor wheel drive force going forward.How the subtle color of the room eased her tension like clockwork. All she could see in the English country side with portraits and clocks all kinds. When she didn't fancy staying in someone's time he reached to kiss.
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