Kickoff written by Rachel

Running Towards You

Hoping that it's not too late

Looking out the window, the building changes to trees as I go nearer to my destination.

I'm still not sure if I want to go back to our house. It has a lot of memories that I'm trying hard not to remember.

I don't want to go back but I promised my best friend that I'll be there for his birthday. I don't like breaking promises and Spencer used that against me. I also want to see him because I'm missing him badly.

Our story is a typical one where the girl falls for the wingman. We became best friends instead of being together. Mainly my choice but he still keeps on asking if he can court me. I don't think I am ready for a relationship even if it is with
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him. Especially with him. I'm too afraid to loose him if the relationship doesn't work out. With all the chaos in my life, I can only find stability in him. He hasn't asked me in 1 month and 13 days though which is a good thing for our friendship I guess.

I took a deep breath when the bus stopped. Ready or not I need to face everything again. Good thing Spencer will be there beside me.

I looked around for Spence but he is nowhere in sight.

"He told me he'd be here!" I scanned the people one more time. No Spence.

Patience is not really my cup of tea so I started walking. I'll just send him a message later.

I felt a slight bump on my head. "Hey! Why did you leave me there?" He messed up my hair.

"I didn't see you." I pouted and fixed my hair. "I don't like waiting."

"Something never
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change." He gave me a bear hug.

I closed my eyes and savor the moment. His familiar scent surrounded me. Yeah. Some things never do change. His warmth is still my home. I almost protested when he ended the hug but I caught myself. I've learned not to show my emotions. Anyone can use your weakness against you.

"Let's have lunch before I take you to the house."

He doesn't need to ask her twice. I know for sure that there's nothing to eat at the house and I am not planning to starve while I'm here. I should probably go get some groceries too.

"Is Trest's still open? I would love to have some of their burger." They use to hangout in there.

"Yeah! Let's go." He took my hand and pulled me to his car eagerly.

My forehead wrinkled. His excitement is so suspicious. I'm starting to feel bad about this.

"So how's the big city?"

Their burger is still the best one that I've eaten so far. I tried looking around to check if anything has changed when I hear Spence.

"We talk everyday.
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You know what's happening there."

"Oh yeah." He distractedly answered then his head whipped to the kitchen door when it opened. He seemed disappointed when a waiter came out with food.

"Are you looking for someone?" I finally asked.

"Nah. I'm not. Did you know that Ron is working near you?" He changed the subject but I can feel that he just lied to me.

"Ron? Ronald from high school?" I don't think I know any other Ron aside from the reason why we are close.

"That one. He's here on vacation too and we talked about you." There's a mischievous smile in his face. The one that I loved.

"About what?" I asked uninterested. Why is he bringing him up?

"Well.." He looked at me as if gauging my mood. "he said he's still interested in you and asked for your number."

That got my attention. "W-what did you say? You didn't give it I hope?"

"Oh come on D. Give the man a chance will you? He's a good man. You might like him if you know him."

I gaped at him. My world started to crumble. No! He is not helping his friend again. I tried to focus on what he is saying. Maybe I misunderstood.

"C-can you repeat that?"

"As I've said, I asked Ron to pick you up for my birthday."

"Why can't you get me?"

"I've already told you I'm picking up someone far from your house."

Someone more important than me I guess. I feel so lost. Is that why he stopped asking to court me for 43 days? He doesn't want me anymore? My eyes started to burn. I cannot cry in front of him. He'll know.

"So? What time should I tell him to pick you up?"
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