Kickoff written by Ashmlin11

Run For Your Life

They lived, but can they keep it a secret?

It was a breezy midsummers day. The sky was clear and the air warm. It was unusual for rain on a day like this, but thunder rumbled in the distance.

"Mama, we gonna get rain?" my son asked me.

"I don't know, sugar, it sure sounds like it." I replied, stroking his hair.

We both sat on the porch swing looking out into the open dessert. Our small town was just one in a line of towns dotted across Arizona. We weren't settling here of course. We would stay just long enough for my husband to come back with some gold from California. We would be rich soon, and not have to ever go back to Virginia. Maybe we would stay on the west coast and live in a city. At least that's what I was supposed to believe.

I fantasized about that a lot, what it would be like to live in a city. I was sure it had to be better than this. All around us was sand. Nothing else but sand. There might be a patch of foliage here or there but the sun would soon take it away with its deadly rays.

The rumbling got louder,
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but the air didn't feel moist. Then I saw it. Something blurry and dark. It didn't look like a cloud on the horizon and it moved quickly, like one mass.


I stood up slowly in disbelief. They were coming straight for this little town.

"Son," I said, "Go warn the others."

"Shouldn't we just go, mama?" He asked.

"These people trust us now, the least we can do is give them a fighting chance before we jump." I looked at him sternly and he understood. It was time for him to be little western boy in distress.

He played the part perfectly. Immediately, he jumped up and ran down the street, in and out of buildings, yelling about the stampede heading toward the town. People came out of their houses and shops to hear the news.

Everyone looked frightened, but they didn't run. They just stood in the street and gawked at the heard of buffalo approaching their town. Why weren't they bracing themselves? I shook my head. Did I have to do everything? I pulled my sleeve up to reveal a sleek,
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gold bracelet given to me by my father. I placed my index finger on the pearl in the middle and after a few seconds, it cleared.

"Page Luke." I said.

"What's up, Maggie?" He replied almost instantaneously.

"Freeze the town. I'm going to take down the buffalo." I said.

"Take them down with what?" He asked.

"You have sixty seconds to freeze them or our cover is blown."

"Then give me more time."

"In sixty seconds, the buffalo will be in the town."

I heard him curse under his breath. Then I heard the priest usher them all into the church. Obviously they would be safest there. At least that would make Luke's job easier.

I saw Luke running before I heard him. He jumped the stairs up the porch and ran into the house.

"Did you leave your freeze ray in the house?" I yelled after him.

"No." He said sarcastically as he ran back out and down the road toward the church with the tiny metal object in his hand.

"I hate doing missions with him." I said to myself.

I could see them
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now as individuals and not one big brown mass of destruction. I would have to wait until Luke froze them all, so we would not be discovered. I looked behind me, Luke was almost to the church, he would make it.

I walked out to the middle of the street to get a clear shot. I would need Luke's help with this, there was too many.

I paged him again and told him to locate me when he was done with the freezing. Then I pulled out a small gun that was strapped to my leg under my dress and took aim.

There was no noise when I pulled the trigger. The buffalo I aimed for went down and the others trampled over it. When Luke came to back me up, we shot down one after the other. When it was over, we used a transportation gun to move the bodies back where they came from, north of the town.

"Witches!" I heard a shriek from behind me. When I turned to look, I saw a crowd gathering to stair at me and Luke. I looked at him angrily.

"Maggie, I know you're mad," He said.

"You didn't freeze them?"
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