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Kickoff written by Borough / Follow-up written by fefedove


He so didn't want to press that button

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"What do you say we do?" Harvey asked.

The skull did not reply. Snowpuff's skeletal tail might have wagged. Or it might have been the wind.

Or just a hallucination. He supposed it was common for someone stranded on this island to go crazy at some point in time. His old master would understand. Everyone would understand.

Except for himself. If he pressed the dratted button, he would be able to save himself. But he didn't. He couldn't bring himself to it.

Harvey stared at the red button and then to his slightly red fingertip. Red on red. On the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea.

He just wouldn't press the button because he was crazy. Yes, he was. The rocket was there to shoot him away from the capsule and into some sort of civilization.
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He sighed again but the skull still did not reply. Just as always.

But then -- there was finally a "but then" to the maddening monotony -- a giant wave crashed down on Snowpuff.

When the tide retreated, there was nothing left of Snowpuff but a pile of glistening bones, erect tailbone never more.

Harvey stared. A tear rolled down from his rheumy eyes, trickling between the crevices of his wrinkled cheeks.


He decided to push the button. It was about time for a change.
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