Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny

The Dwarven Brothers

Treasure of the Green Dragon

Long ago, in the Caves of Hrothgar, ruled a Dwarf king with three sons. The first son, Galar, was valiant and noble to his kinsmen, the second son, Grerr, was cunning and devious, but Caelan, the last son, who was the strongest of his brothers had mental ailments.

Now, as the days of the king waned, Goblin hoards rose up from the southern caves. The king ordered his sons to go down and make peace with the Goblins, but all went awry.

"Grerr, when father hears of this, he will have your head!" shouted Galar, panting for breathe.

"The old fool should have known it would never work!" Grerr retorted, chasing his brother
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"Besides, that Goblin king deserved what I said to him!"

"Grerr was funny. Why Galar mad?" asked Caelan.

"It doesn't matter, Caelan, just try to beat us home," Galar said with a kind smile.

"We should take back room," Caelan replied with a beaming face.

"Back room? What back room?" asked Grerr lit with excitement.

"The secret room, but we must be careful. Father says to never go in because the Green Dragon might be dressing, and it would be rude to walk in on her," Caelan answered giddily.

"Dressing dragons! Are you mad! There's not such thing!" Grerr shouted at his younger brother.

"Grerr, be kind," Galar commanded.
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"Caelan, take us to the secret room."

The Dwarven brother kept a quick paste, for they could hear the Goblin armies following after them. As the brothers sprinted out of breathe, Caelan spotted the hole and led his brothers into it.

"What devilry is this place?" asked Grerr solemnly.

"I don't know, it is not part of our maps, but it seems like a tomb," Galar replied, peering about the eerie room. "Grerr, Caelan, go on without me. I will stop the Goblins from finding this place."

"Why, Galar, go?" asked Caelan sadly.

"For your safety, little brother," Galar said happily. He turned to Grerr and whispered, "Be kind
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to him, or I will take care of you."

Grerr and Caelan obeyed Galar and started onward. The dim, winding tunnel held an unbearable stench to Grerr but Caelan was content. At the end of the tunnel, there lay a vast sea of treasure, and Grerr became amazed by the layers of gold, silver, and jewels.

"It is all ours!" shouted Grerr with envy and pride.

"No, Grerr, it is the Green Dragons," Caelan replied, looking about for her.

"No!" Grerr replied, "This treasure is mine, and now you will fall!"

As Grerr charged Caelan, two swooping green talons reached out; one buried Grerr and the other picked up Caelan.
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