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Beyond Broken

Deal with reality, or create a distraction?

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There was no fresh air to enjoy though. As they stepped out, it started drizzling, throwing her mood back to how it was -- dreary and bleak.

But there was a hand on the small of her back, pushing her into a car. She smiled at the nameless man and he might have smiled back. But then everything went black.

The man got into the backseat and placed her head on his lap. He caressed the unconcious woman's face, smoothing her damp hair.

"Oh, Daisy," he murmured. "How did you end up like this?" Leaning down, he pressed a kiss onto her forehead.
"The days without you were unbearable, and yet you don't recognize me anymore."

He sighed, rubbing a thumb against her cheeks, fingers flitting along her jawline. "That crazy man doesn't deserve someone
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as beautiful as you. Your psycho son didn't deserve you either. Only me. Only we should be together."

He lifted her chin up gently and kissed her on the lips. They would reconcile. She would realize that he is the one for her. And after they recconciled, they would live happily ever after.

His fingers continued to wander. He wanted to explore every bit of her, because every inch contained so many shared memories. And they would create many more.

Now, she just had to wake up.

He leaned back against the seat. He would wait patiently.
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