Follow up

Kickoff written by WillMorgan / Follow-up written by fefedove

Beneath the Foreverblue

A city floating in the sky. What could go wrong?

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He isn't exactly surprised. The blank faces, the faces of disdain and horror at even thinking of breaking tradition is well expected. These are the laws created by the HighCouncil and for the citizens of Volitia. They represent how life has been since the time of "before" and will continue on to be how life is in the future.

Tailor's heart still drops when the eldest council member slams down the gavel. The deafening crash thunders throughout the room, sending vibrations up and down Tailor's body.

He wonders vaguely if the sound will travel down to the deepest depths of the GreenOcean. If he'll be able to hear it when he himself is thrown out from the city's edges.

"What is this invention of yours?" The Elder's voice is soft and velvety,
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much to the shock of Tailor. He eagerly opens his mouth to answer, but there is more to it. "What secrets of Volitia do you wish to discover?"

Ah, yes. This is a tricky question. One wrong answer can easily be his farewell to the celestial foreverblue. Because going beyond the sapphire is forbidden. And his curious mind yearns to reach over and under the edge.

A dreamer knows no limits, after all, and Tailor dreams of seeing past the Green.

"Well?" the Elder prompts. His voice is harder now.

Tailor Mikklerklek wipes his sweaty palms on his pants and clears his throat.
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