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Chocolate Wings

Wings are meant for flying

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Adina is beautiful. That much is obvious.

If she is a character in a movie, she would definitely be the main character. The female lead that all the guys fall head over heel for, the one that all the girls are jealous of, but wish to be.

She walks with confident strides, her head up, back straight. And there is positively a halo surrounding her. When she enters a room, you can imagine a pompous instrumental sounding as her theme song.

Not only are her looks magnificent, her personality is beautiful as well. Kind to everyone, she's not a typical Mary Sue though. She knows how to treat the haters who spread rumors and spout vile insults.

Maybe she is a fairy tale princess. The flowers bloom just for her and the birds flock to her, chirping beautiful tunes.

Maybe this all seems too unrealistic. How can someone be so perfect?

Well, that is true . . .

Because deep down, she is broken. Her nature is kind, but it has been torn and ruptured too many times. The shreds still hanging on
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are fragile. It is a mess of raw meat, maggots already crawling in her rotting intestines. The cruel words are snagged and trapped, perfect breeding ground for creatures of dark mass, yowling and struggling for freedom. Freedom to hurt, freedom to bite, to destroy the ones she hate.

She tries to keep them under check. The devil perched on her shoulder, whispering to her heart, makes her nauseous. She doesn't want to believe that she can become like this.

The changes are slow, too gradual to be perceived by others. But she knows when she looks in the mirror.

Her shoulders are becoming hunched, the fight between the devil and her morals too heavy to carry for so long.

Her shining black eyes will sometimes turn to metallic coldness. The flashes frighten her sometimes. But she does enjoy the power it gives her. There's strength in ice, much stronger and penetrating than the gentle and soothing water.

Her smiling mouth has a firmer set now. It's getting harder to laugh, sometimes hard
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to smile too. The movement of the muscles feels as if her skin is cracking. Her face will crack in half, just like her sanity. And then she will become unrecognizable. So she tries to stop herself from smiling.

There's nothing to smile at either.

The men who try to woo her have oily smiles and hair-raising ulterior motives. The things that others say about her behind her back . . . do they really think she doesn't know? Or do they purposely want her to know, and hurt?

Adina is pushed close to her limit one day. It is a late afternoon at a restaurant. She is enjoying her dinner alone, seemingly ignorant of the lustful gazes and piercing death glares.

She sips daintly from the champagne flute. She is prim and exquisite even when sawing away at the medium rare steak. With the corner of her napkin, she dabs at the blood that had squirted out from the squelching meat.

A man walks over. He helps himself into the seat across from Adina. He has to squeeze himself in though.

She takes her
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eyes away from the meat and glances up at the meaty man who is leering at her.

"How can a beautiful lady like you be alone on Valentine's Day?" he questions.

"Oh, I didn't even notice it's Valentine's Day," she replies politely.

He reaches over for her hand. She grasps steak knives in both hands.

"Well, you can consider me your date."

She's about to say, "Thank you, but no thanks."

She's submerged in water.

The man shoots up in reaction. "Sally, what are you doing?" he yells.

Through the droplets of water, Adina glares up at a furious woman.

Sally (apparently) screams at Adina, "You fox! Seducing my husband as soon as I go to the bathroom. You deserve to die!"

Another thread of kindness snaps inside of Adina. Her body goes hot and cold. Her grip on the steak knives tighten.
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