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Kickoff written by fefedove / Follow-up written by Borough

The Siren's Song

How can you resist such a beautiful song?

A shape then emerged before him. A creature that radiated both the innocence of a maiden and the lust of a harlot.
And it was bizarre. For instead of arms, it had wings.
"What are you?”
“I am a siren. You heard my song and came to me”
“Let me go. I don't belong here!”

The siren then kissed him. A sea of fragrances and fluids. Their molecules rushed into his nostrils and violently made their way into his brain and glands forcing them to release a myriad of sensations. Sweet, elating and exuberant. The first time he fell in love. It was like that.

“Did you like it, Xavier?”
“Yes," he whispered.
“You can have this. Many times.”
Xavier frowned.
"Is it my life you want?"
“It is your tears I want."
Xavier was suddenly aware that she was licking
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the droplets of his tears. Then her left wing unfolded and he saw that half of it was missing. He watched in awe as every time she sucked on a salty specks under his eyes, a tiny feather grew.

She then looked at and into him.
“Your tears will cure my wing and I can fly back to my sisters. And for this I will sing many times to you."
“But I give something in exchange.”
“ I want my life back!”
“You won't remember your life anymore. I will take away your memory. I will give you my body. And the feeling of first love. Every time you kiss me you will fall in love for the first time.”
"Endless tears in exchange for an intoxicating feeling and a heavenly body?"
"Many times"
“Or?" he asked.
“Or go back. Do you want to go back, Xavier?"
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