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Ravaging Legends

A dark world of fantasies

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A fantasy begins with a legend.

This particular legend says that people from all tribes lived in harmony with each other and with the energy in the air. The energy glowed like liquid gold and one could see flashes of it like rainbows after rain. Everyone was able to take control of it, but there was only peace. No one looked down on one another for different levels of power and no one took advantage of their skill.
All was well.

But then a man began using the energy to do harm. He relished in the newfound power that he could acquire with the energy. And these dark thoughts quickly spread like a virus through the peoples of Aislandia. The continent was overtaken by chaos, the ancient civilization falling to ruin. It seemed as if the golden age was snuffed out and the universe would fall apart in the blink of an eye.

Chaos. Despair.

Until a man took charge.

His name is unknown to this day, but he exists in the legends and in history as the Ivory Priest. He united the good citizens
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of his people -- the Water tribe -- to fight against the “tainted ones,” as he called them. His idea spread and drew followers from the Air, Earth and Fire tribes.

Under his leadership, they fought and finally defeated the tainted ones. The good conquered the evil.

With peace restored, the people rejoiced. The Ivory Priest naturally became the one who set the rules for the new Aislandia.

Only descendants of the good warriors and ones chosen by the Priest himself would have the right to use the energy. The ones who learned by themselves, the ones without pure bloodlines, were now labeled as Black Magic and recognized by impurities in their hair color. They should be shunned by society. No matter their reasons, they shall have no status.

The Imperial Court remained to govern the mundane tasks, while the Sovereign and Knights instated by the Priest governed the magic world.

No one disagreed with the heroic leader. And all was well.

Legends exist to teach a lesson, to explain why
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things are the way they are.

If a child with blazing red hair complains that the rules are unfair, one could tell them this is God’s order. Because legend says that the ones with pure white hair, the Purebloods, fought for the peace we now have today.

If a group of Air tribesmen protests that the Ivory Priest is always chosen from the Water tribe, they can be forced to obey by letting them know it is what God wants. Because legend says that we owe the peace to the original Ivory Priest and his Water tribesmen.

Because legends are written by the ones who won, and the ones who win are always the heroes. Because maybe the fact that the Purebloods and Water tribesman were able to write this legend proves that they were destined to be greater. And the ones who lost were not favored by the Gods, and will never be.

But that is for another debate.
And some don't believe in legends, but they abide by society’s rules anyway.


This writing is a mere story, an entertaining tale. It holds
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no noble purposes nor teaches any moral lessons. It will not explain why society is how it is – in fact, it will do the opposite. It will tell you how it is -- reveal the ugliness of the world we live in, the suffering and misery masked by opulent ornaments and legends written in flowery script.

Because society is unfair and no legend can make it acceptable.

Now, come into the world of Aislandia and view the vicious lives of three magic-wielders -- an Heir, a Pureblood fallen and a Dark Magic shunned.
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