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Kickoff written by WillMorgan / Follow-up written by Ashmlin11

Like Home

Fifty years in cryo. This can't be earth.

He glared at me through his thin glasses, studying me like I was going to pounce on him.
"You do know I'm an alien, right? I'm from a planet called Earth. And this planet feels like a complete copy of my planet. It looks the same. Almost the same, but more like an imitation. If Earth was the brand name, this planet is the generic."
His eyes narrowed. He began to speak but I cut him off.
"And I know people. I know people on this planet, but they don't know me. Like you. I knew who you were right away. Did you know who I was?"
"We haven't met before." He said.
"Then how did I know you?" I asked.
He flipped back through his notes. "What did you mean when you said we have been through a hundred hours of this?"
I smiled.
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I would get him to believe me somehow.
"When I lost my family in the accident, I didn't know how to handle it. I was sent to therapy, you were my doctor. We talked about it for months. You sat right there and did the same thing you're doing now, but you knew me back home. This place isn't home, it is, but it's diffrent. And everyone just thinks I'm crazy here."
He asked me to talk about my family. I told him I wouldn't until we got this 'new planet' thing figured out. I knew he would try to used it as an excuse. He would tell everyone that I suffered so greatly from the loss that I couldn't bare to live with the grief, and to make myself feel better I created this strange story.
Then it came to me. "If there is a copy of you, is there a copy of me?"

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