Kickoff written by fefedove


In search of a date for the holidays

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Jae slams a piece of paper down on the table. York, previously happily and blissfully in dreamland, startles with a disgruntled snort. He opens his mouth to let out a string of curses and disrupt the peacefulness of the library, but Jae beats him to it.

"This is the perfect opportunity for you!" Jae tells him, emphasizing the word "perfect" as if declaring his true love. Despite exclaiming in a hushed whisper, he still earns death glares from the other students who are trying to study for exams.

"What," York mutters flatly.

"You're a broke and single drama major. Getting paid to pretend to be someone's boyfriend is the perfect break." Again with the emphasis on "perfect," paired with a cheeky grin and a wink.

York finally glances down at the newspaper ad Jae has pushed under his nose.

NOTICE: I am looking for someone who wants quick cash and is good at acting to be my date for the holidays. The job is easy. Just make my mother shut up about blind dates. Make her completely
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disappointed and give up on me.
Tip: Even better if you're a guy.
If interested, please contact Damian at 640-893-6044

York grunts again, cursing in his mind. "Make someone's mom completely disappointed? Even better if you're a guy?" he reads out loud. He rolls his eyes up at Jae. "Firstly, no mother would be disappointed when they see me. I'm tall, handsome and-"

"A broke college student with no future," Jae cuts in.

"And why is it better if I'm a guy? I can't pretend to be gay just for money. That's against my morals and impolite to actual gays. Someone who thinks being gay is disappointing is probably a jerk," York reasons seriously.

It's Jae who rolls his eyes this time. "Oh please," he drags out the vowel. "If anyone's the homophobe, it's probably his mom. He can't be that bad if he's willing to pay this much money. Did you look at the reward?"

York does now. "$20,000" stares up at him and his mouth drops open. His suspicions about why this man couldn't score a date
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the normal way flies away. In the face of money and morals . . . York is realistic.

Seeing the change in York's expression, Jae lets out an obnoxious giggle. The nearby students send death glares again as York hisses, "Shut up!"

Before getting dragged out by the cranky librarian, Jae coos, "Go get yourself a sugar daddy, Yorky."

Though York had been trying to study for his Shakespearean language exam (yes, through osmosis. By sleeping with his face planted in the textbook), his focus is all gone now. The newspaper ad seems to be glowing and throbbing with temptation. And money. He can feel the crisp dollar bills, the smell . . . It's amazing, seeing as he hasn't interacted with money in such a long time.

Deciding to follow the no longer relevant but still great advice of YOLO, he shoves the textbook into his bag and stands up. He either stood up too quickly or had been sleeping for too long, because he blacks out almost entirely.

Staggering out with stars dancing in his vision,
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he makes his way out of the library. Fumbling for his phone, he leans against the building.

"Okay, okay," he mumbles to himself. "First acting gig. Twenty k. It's all good. Do it. Call the guy."

Taking a deep breath and gathering his courage, he dials the number on the newspaper ad.

He tries to time his breathing with the ringing of the phone, but he can't get enough oxygen. Just as he's about to pass out from asphyxiation and nerves, the call connects.


The voice is deep and rough, yet still velvety and rich. And York doesn't know what to say.

"Hello?" The voice sounds annoyed now.

"Umm, yes, hi," York stutters ever so smoothly. "You're looking for a date, right?"
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