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Kickoff written by fefedove / Follow-up written by Ashmlin11

Break the Glass

Will you still love a mystery after its reveal?

I turn the water on and splash my face again. I must be tired. My eyes are playing tricks on me. I rub my eyes, heart pounding. I'm frightened to look at my reflection again. I take a long breath.


I pop my head up and jump back when I see my face again. I pause for a moment, turn my head slowly, still looking in my own eyes. Shit. I need to go to bed.

I turn the light off and walk to my bed. I don't need to eat, my appetite is gone.

I lay in bed, no longer tired, but I close my eyes, letting the darkness overtake me.

I lay there for a while, wrapped in the cool night air. I almost had a chance to welcome sleep when a voice shattered the silence.

My eyelids ripped open and fear pounded in my heart. No. There is nothing
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there. I looked at my roommate's bed to see if she was the culprit. It still lay empty.

I call for her. No answer.

I'm just tired. Time to go to sleep. I roll on my side and bring the blanket up to my chest. A few moments go by and I start to relax. Then I hear the voice again. It is a harsh whisper saying my name. I doubt its my imagination this time.

I get out of bed and hear it again. Its coming from the bathroom.

Hell. No.

I approach slowly, creeping around the doorway. I flip the light on to be greeted with my reflection. I looked pale and scared.

I take a deep breath and see my reflection smile. I wasn't smiling. I feel my eyes widen, but see hers narrow. I scream as the mirror breaks and she pulls me through.

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