Kickoff written by Martinally

Caution! Women driving

A woman's story in car racing

It all begins in a stylish bedroom, where trophies and awards can be seen in the background. A redhead beautiful lady is laying in bed, while the sunshades fall directly on her soft skin.
Jessica wakes up in a sunny day. She opens her eyes and smiles. "Today will be a great day!" she whispers. She starts dressing, but her clothes look a lot different than what a women would wear. She puts on a racing suit, she takes her helmet and keys then walks out the door.
She opens the garage and uncovers a sportscar, hidden under a black curtain. It's a Skoda Fabia S2000, with sponsor stickers all over it. She opens the door, sits in the car and turns the engine on. A beautiful exhaust noise comes out, delighting her ears. Jessica smiles, adjusts her on-board camera and drives off.
Even though she is driving a racing car, Jessica drives according to the rules and doesn't cross the speed limit.
While waiting at red light, a nice 2012 Camaro appears on the next lane, driven by a young man, somewhere
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around 20-25 years old. He takes a look at Jessica's car smiling, but when he sees her driving he starts laughing. Jessica doesn't pay attention to the young man's attitude, even though he revs the engine to state his car's power. Once the light turns green, he drives fast while Jessica shifts slowly, respecting the rules. She is not looking towards racing on the streets, she is more intelligent than that.
A few blocks away Jessica arrives at the track, where there seems to be an event going on. Men with tuned sportscars are everywhere, accompanied by women with sexy outfits and high heels. Everyone notices Jessica's car while she drives by and just a small team of three men welcome her when she parks. "Hey Jess, feeling lucky today?", one of them asks. The other two start checking the engine and wheels, since they are both in Jessica's team as mechanics. "Honestly, yes! I had a wonderful wake-up call and I think I can do this today!" she answers.
After a while the commission announces
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that the start list will be published at the Notice Board, where competitors will receive all updates and news regarding their performance. Jessica quickly runs to see in which category she will compete and against which cars, to ensure that she will adjust her driving style accordingly. Somewhere in the background she hears squealing tires and sees a familiar Evo IX showing off. "Oh, Will, why do you always show off?" she thinks while smiling.
Jessica returns to her pitstop paddocks after writing down her start time and partner. She then talks with her team about her racing strategy, while guys advise her about shift changing against other competitors. The familiar Evo now drives by and stops next to her, then the driver jumps out of the car and hugs Jessica. "Hey girl, nice car upgrade! I'm sure you're going to rock the track today!". "Thanks, Will" she answers, "but I am planning to get to know my car better instead of focusing on winning. Since she's pretty new I need to get accustomed
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to her shifts first, then win.". Will wants to say something, but he is interrupted by the marshals who announce that the competition is about to start. "Good luck!" he says, then jumps back in his Evo and drives off.
Jessica drives her S2000 to the start line. Next to her the young guy with the Camaro appears, who again laughs when he sees her behind the wheel. "Girls can't drive, just abandon now!" he cries at her. However, Jessica is familiar with this type of behavior so she is not intimidated in any way.
The marshal announces 15 seconds till finish. Jessica stares at the clock lights, waiting for the green light. Will she win today? The race will begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Green Light!
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